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Monday, February 14, 2011

Free, legal music downloads

Just three tracks a week, but that will keep some of us busy. Another benefit of our local library card. [Via the O.]

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Couldn't get it to work with my library card number and PIN. (I tried both including and leaving off the library's "211680" prefix.)

The card number and PIN number work fine on the library site, but the Freegal login just tells me "This is not a proper credential."

Anybody else have any luck?

Worked like a charm (using full member number). Of course they didn't have the first three things I looked for, but it should be a great place to get stuff.

Yes, be sure to use your full card number including the "21168."

I booted up "freegal" but didn't get what I was expecting.

I downloaded two of my allotted three songs for this week. At first I clicked the button to use ITunes. It looked like it brought the music into ITunes, but it did not save the files. When I tried to play them using ITunes, I got a message saying it couldn’t find the file.

After rereading the instructions I realized that I should have clicked on the “save” button. I deleted the two songs from ITunes expecting that I wasted two downloads. Fortunately, when you try to download the same songs for a second time the program gives you a couple of chances to download them again.

So, is the library paying somebody, somewhere, for the use of this music? In other words, is this coming out of the library budget, and is this part of the reason why they want a "more stable funding base"?

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