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Friday, February 18, 2011

Fish on immigation jail: "a small processing center"

Really, Nick?

At least he voted the right way and wasn't bullied by you-know-who.

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How many detainees would the "small processing center" be capable of holding at one time? I've seen drawings that suggest they could hold 80 detainees in secure locations.

That's not "small" in most people's minds.

Here's a City of Portland definition of a "Detention Facility" on page 4 of the below PDF:


If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck...Granted the broader document relates to post-incarceration facilities, but I don't see how the definition of "Detention Facility" changes based on who the inmates are, or who operates it.

The City Council has now accepted that obvious truth. But no thanks to Fireman Randy, who was twisting arms to deny it until he saw it was fruitless.

I just see this issue completely differently. I see a bunch of rich condo owners blocking a use they find distasteful. When this happens, the distasteful use ends up in Concordia or Lents.

Let them build their jail in South Waterfront. It's better than the vacant fields of mud that are there now.

If the charter school is the issue, well there are a lot more kids in North Portland or Lents.

That facility belongs out by the airport. The fact that they're so desperate to put people in SoWhat that they'll take federal prisoners is just part of the self-parody around here. It's mostly a real estate development play.

Yes Jack, right next to the new 60,000 sq ft FBI building I've heard was planned out there.

I seem to remember something about 10,000 bio jobs down in sowhat too?

I imagine that potential new condo buyers are being told that only a "small processing center" is being built.

Seems to me that if the city wanted any kind of success in future years at SoWhat, they would keep that immigration jail out of there. Wonder what the drive to put it there is all about?

Clinamen, one of the drives to put it there is big-time Portland developer Pat Pendergast. He's behind the proposed ICE renovation/additions to the bank building. He's a big contributor to Leonard and Sam's pockets. Leonard owes him big time.

He's also swinging precariously to execute the Homer Williams condo sales office (The Discovery Center) conversion for the Charter School. That's an interesting tale in trying to make money from both ends.

As always just follow the money.

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