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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Fireman Randy sees pot of money

And of course, he grabs for it.

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Cue the rainbows and lepurchauns...

Go by monetary shell game

Time to go Randy. The City is facing a budget shortfall and he can't wait to spend it. Earth to Randy...get a clue buddy!

I'm guessing he'll want it for another cool toy for the PFB. A firefighting helicopter, maybe, or a jet pack so his fire inspectors don't have to climb stairs to the tops of buildings.

Luckily, public servants in City Council don't lie to the public or manipulate the public trust to their own ends. So we have nothing to worry about. City Council has an ethical and explicit responsibility to use the money as intended, so I'm sure they will--and not do what Leonard is suggesting.

Boy, with $500k, Randy could build, what, at least the foundation of a new "water house"!

Randy likes spending on unnecessary expensive projects, accumulating more and more debt, rather than being prudent and paying on the already huge PWB debt.

Time to go Randy!

A mere $500,000?

I'm surprised Randy would even bother to embarass himself over nickels and dimes.

Portland's fiscal crisis is worse than previously feared.

That is the approximate cost of one shiny new Portland Bum Toilet.

Has anyone calculated how much extra PWB takes in with the 50% water increase in the past two years? Go to PortlandOnline and you can't find it.

Yet its still not enough?

The article quotes his "chief of staff". It makes me wonder how much money this city pays for chiefs of staff and regular staff for our councilmen. Do they really need so much staff? Don't the bureaus they lead have sufficient staff to support their needs? Maybe the $500,000 can help pay for their Chiefs.

Randy: Gimme, gimme, gimme!

[slobber, slobber]

At least some of that money came from enterprise funds, which means ratepayers of Sewer, Water and Garbage. Wonder what the legalities of not returning money to those funds might be? Not that that ever stopped SamRand.

There doesn’t seem to be any stopping SamRand from running our city into the ground. They are also good at running for reelection, watch for more "outreach and concern" from Sam now. If they like running, how about running for the state line?

State line, not nearly far enough! How about north to Hyder, Alaska? Then they can hide out and start anew as RamSand & Company.

They might like that idea, so did a little research on Hyder, amazing what showed up.

They should feel right at home as Hyder was originally called Portland City and that Portland Canal was called “Skam-A-Kounst.”


“Nass River Indians called the head of Portland Canal "Skam-A-Kounst," meaning "safe place," referring to the site as a retreat from the harassment of the coastal Haidas.”

Perfect place for their retreat from the harassment of those on Jacks blog.

“In 1948, the townsite, built on pilings, was destroyed by fire.”

Too bad FiremanRandy wasn’t there, he might have been able to save it.

“History has it that there was a well worn trail over the mountain from the Alaska side known as "Smugglers Trail".”

Am sure the RamSand & Company can find good uses for that.

Major Industries: Tourism and Water bottling plant.


Hyder is also the location of the annual "Hyder-Seek" gathering of long-distance motorcyclists who travel from all over North America each Memorial Day weekend.

Most likely that event would be changed to a gathering of bicyclists to travel from all over.

And to celebrate the RamSand & Company arrival...

Hyder has some notoriety as the place where people become "Hyderized."[2][3] Two of the town's bars issue certifications to patrons of being "Hyderized" if the patron consumes a shot of 150 proof (75% alcohol) Everclear

Way up north, way up north to Alaska


Pot of money, what to do? Send Randy back to school.

"Commissioner Dan Saltzman’s office has not yet returned phone calls or emails for comment."


Couldn't make this up, while at the store today, on the background music, heard "North to Alaska."

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