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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Ex-hoops journeyman a star behind the wheel

This is old news, but I completely missed it. Did you know that one of the original Portland Trail Blazers now drives a Tri-Met bus down in Tigard? And does it well -- Driver of the Year, no less.

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I knew Shaler Halimon drove for TriMet but didn't know he was still at it.

My first Blazers game was seeing them play the Boston Celtics at Memorial Coliseum during that very first season. These were the post-Russell Celtics, and not a very good team, although John Havlicek was still with them. The era of Dave Cowens, JoJo White and Paul Silas was still a few years away.

Anyway, Halimon started hot and knocked down several long-range jumpers early on. I think he had 11 or 12 points in the first quarter that night. That got those expansion Blazers going and they ended up winning 135-123. I became a Shaler Halimon fan, not the least because I thought he had a really cool-sounding name.

Congrats, Mr. Halimon!

I had the honor of meeting Shaler at a charity golf event a few years ago and can report that he is an incredibly nice gentleman, if not the world's greatest golfer. Congrats, not because of your basketball career, but because of your character and personality, which I am sure had a lot to do with this award.

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