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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

End of the line for Mike Schrunk?

WW reports that Mike Schrunk, keeper of many secrets, is thinking about packing it in as Multnomah County D.A. If he leaves early, somebody will be appointed and can run under the "retain" banner.

Meanwhile, the Obama nominee for U.S. attorney for Oregon continues to sit in limbo. Amanda Marshall was named to the position back in November, but the U.S. Senate "returned" her nomination. Apparently the White House plans to renominate her at some point.

We noted when she was nominated that Marshall did not seem all that experienced. A lawyer friend of ours subsequently reported that she was not even admitted to practice in federal court until last year. Perhaps her nomination will not be a slam dunk the second time around, which along with a Schrunk retirement would leave quite the void in prosecutorial power in Portland.

UPDATE, 7:53 a.m.: And now here's a guy who wants Schrunk's job -- straight outta John Kroger's office.

Comments (6)

Isn't Mike Shrunk the Sgt. Schultz of public corruption?

His name always kinda struck as the way we might describe his approach to the job, especially when it comes to those in blue.

Give the US Atty post to Dwight Holton and call it good.

Heck, give the US Atty post to Dwight Jaynes and call it...well...something.

Makes one wonder... what did Schrunk know about mayor Goldenperv and when did he know it? The answer to that question might have some interesting ramnifications with the state bar.

Ms. Marshall appears to have done some really excellent work, especially her work with the state AG's office, protecting the rights of children. She has had a very admirable career in public service. She is the kind of attorney I could support for State AG some day. The only problem with this particular nomination for US attorney is that little or none of her work experience appears to have involved federal law or federal court ( where she was first admitted to practice in the latter half of 2010, shortly before her nomination). That certainly doesn't disqualify her, but may (justifiably) cause the Senate Judiciary Committee real concern. I'm sure she must be a true blue D, but it's still hard to tell exactly how she got to the front of this line. There are scores of experienced (D) federal practitioners in private practice or in the US attorneys office who have spent many years in federal court, and who appear far better qualified for this particular job. To me, this nomination suggests some widening distance and/or lack of understanding of the state's legal community by Sen. Wyden.

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