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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Don't bug me when I'm...

Funny interview of the Portland mayor in today's WW. It's obvious that they're letting him rehabilitate himself in the public eye. That's probably why they sprung his boy toy scandal on him during his first month in office -- to give him lots of time to get over it, and maybe send him a message early on to clean up his act. They lovingly endorsed him, after all.

Anyway, they hit a hot button when they reminded him of his fabricated "Mike and Jean" story. His response included:

Why did you guys go crazy over that? You are really in a bubble. You need to spend a day with me. I was on the corner here, and a woman—an artist—was talking with me about what she needs in terms of support for the arts. I get this all day long. These are tough times for people. And I’m very recognizable and they approach me with their needs and wishes and hopes and complaints. All day long. And I love it. Except Sunday afternoons...
Ah yes, Sunday afternoons -- a man needs time for other things besides work.

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Rehabilitation Derby!

Sammy "Crash" Adams for Mayor.
Brought to you by Wisenheimer Beer ~ When you say Sam Adams, you've said it all.

℠ Adams comes across a merely testy in the write-up. Watch the videos and you'll see a guy who is virtually unhinged.

Funny. I gotta admit, the curt e-mail reply from Bhatia to Adams increases my respect for Peter.

"There’s a lot of in-between time when you have this kind of a job. Tweeting, because it’s 140 characters, doesn’t take a lot of time."

What a narcissitic ass! It doesn't take much to tweet 140 characters when there is not much substance there. The use of the "I" word throughout the interview says it all.

" I didn’t know that I would actually get the opportunity to talk about actual accomplishments. This is rare. Let’s see if it actually shows up in the actual newspaper." Is this a shot at the oregonian, becaus WW seems to do a lot more actual reporting????

I cannot believe he would get re-elected but someone viable has just got to run in 2 years and beat him. He has cost Portland (and other agencies) more time and money with his compulsive lying and complete case of ADD. What floors me is the lack of good candidates out there. Hales - jerk(unless he has matured in the last 15 years); Novick okay but at some point he has to get serious if he wants to be elected; Burkholder? Stacey? Just not against each other again, please. What happened to all the good old fashioned govt types? Where's a Mildred when you need her? Come on Cogen, show some guts, resign and run. But, just when Mult Cty was getting back on track, sort of...Wheeler started that but he's not going to drop down. Blumie? I don't know. Who else? I know! Barbara Roberts!

I thought Hank Stern did a great job with this interview. I found it hypocritical that Sam said he's done more than any other Mayor but wouldn't compare himself to a mayor that held the office for 12 years just four years before he did. So who then is he comparing himself to?

And Daisy Chain, Sammy will get re-elected if all you do is tear down the other candidates. BTW, Novick is not qualified for this position, honestly.

I wasn't tearing them down, I was discussing the possibilities. I still think there is a real dearth of viable candidates for office and I don't know why. Portland used to be crawling with folks. And crawling, looking back on Neil's time, is probably the correct term to use.

Daisy - true - it seemed in the 70's, public service was much more meaningful - but also corrupt - meaning you could serve and get perks that really aren't all that available anymore. In this increasingly capitalist society, it seems to be about what do I get and many can make so much more in the private sector. It seems often, the public elected positions are more and more attracting the fringe. I think when Charlie Hales, who is now making 3-4 times the amount in the private sector, is wanting and willing to give back to his city again, might be worth a second look.
Having worked in public service for 24 years - I find it the most honorable profession. Not all think that way.

How about none of the above?

Hales? In my opinion, there would have to be a lot of forgetting and/or forgiveness about his mode of operation. Those who had to deal with him would not be likely to do either. He was part of the trio that got us on the road we are on now - “Katz, Hales and Adams.” We have had enough of that agenda.

Come on, out of over 500,000 people in our city, and competent people looking for work, there has to be someone else other than what we have had in our city which seems to be “Round up the usual suspects.” (line from Casablanca)

I'm confused - is the title of the article "Sum of Sam," or "Scum of Sam"?

Can't afford a "Play it again, Sam".

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