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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Cho, don't you dare!

Trade Andre Miller and Rudy Fernandez for Devin Harris and Travis Outlaw? Gag me.

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I hear you. Andre and Rudy should play here 'til they retire from the NBA. We finally have an intriguing group that isn't depressing like so many other teams...(cough) (Denver) (cough)...
Cho, please don't screw this up.

Dwight Jaynes on the possible trade:

"But my thought on this one -- the Devin Harris-for-Andre Miller plus a lot of other smaller pieces -- is that it makes a lot of sense for both teams. I don't know how much all the proposed Carmelo Anthony trades impact this scenario but I think there is something to these rumors. It's basically a chance for the Blazers to get seven years younger at point guard.

I'm just not so sure Harris is going to be able to do for this team what Miller did. Not saying he won't, but I just don't know him as a player well enough.

I do know that I wouldn't be anxious for a Travis Outlaw return. I'd rather get a player who can remember which man he's supposed to guard."

I was writing something similar but Jaynes said better. Don't get me wrong I love the way we're playing right now but if we are going into mini rebuild here Dre is not part of the future. Also I think if Rudy loses just a few playing minutes he may end up going back to ineffective off the bench and pouting.

As I posted on Dwight's page, we are shortening Aldridge's career by overplaying him. We may as well get some wins out of it. Miller knows how to get him off. No other point guard in Portland has ever been able to do that.

Travis Outlaw's basketball IQ is lower than his shoe size. Even when he's in the mood to play, he doesn't know how to.

Devin Harris appears to be an abnormal cell waiting to turn into locker room cancer.

There's no such thing as a "mini rebuild."

Let me get this straight: We're going through the worst injury wave in recorded history, and we finally get a player who doesn't get hurt, so we want to trade him?

I get the logic of getting younger at point guard. I also love the way Dre has been playing the last six weeks but he is aging and his trade value will go nowhere but down. I don't get the infatuation with Devin Harris and I definitely don't want to see Outlaw and his inflated contract back in town. Houston doesn't want to pay Aaron Brooks and he's a much better play for my money. The Knicks have been dangling Raymond Felton in various trade scenarios and I'd take him over Harris. And let's put Joel's expiring contract to some roster good(rather than turning it into a few more shekels in Allen's pocket like was done with Raef's contract).

Does anyone in the Blazer organization consider the entertainment value......of this team? They are fun to watch, even if a game goes array. Don't the fans pay the bills? Keep the chemistry.

And for us old timers consider the beauty of a team slightly growing older with Dre. Keep him, and he'll realize in the next few years that he's slightly aged and needs a few more increasing minutes on the bench. Grow old gracefully. I love a happy team, the chuckles, the side glances of appreciation between players. It's worth a lot more than the JailBlazers.

While the Legislature is in session figuring ways to further plunder its constituents, perhaps it could consider this:

A law should be passed making it illegal for anyone to refer to professional sports franchises as "we" or "us" unless said person does, in fact, hold a valid financial interest in the franchise. Something other than just buying tickets.


And, to The Other Jimbo, by saying "we" and "us", it shows that a fan is identifying emotionally with a team. They aren't just buying tickets, they're buying into who the team is and what it is doing. For many years I referred to the Blazers as "them". Now it's "us", and I'm scared that management might change up the team enough to turn it back into "them".

Interesting, Michelle.

Do you have the same attachment to other local institutions?

And should "we" move out of town (to Seattle or whatnot), can "we" still be friends?

No trades! For God's sake, the Blazers are sitting at #5 in the standings despite even more adversity than last year! Leave it alone. The team is finally showing chemistry again. Why should front office ego and a GMs desire to sit at the NBA poker table ruin this team.

San Antonio knows how to do it. You get your core, build chemistry and evolve and win titles. Since the Blazer and Spurs met in the Western Conference Finals in 1999, the Spurs have evolved around their core and won four titles. Never did Pop let an off-year lead to panic and major trades.

We already made one stupid trade by letting go of Bayless, which by now has cost the Blazers without Roy at least 5 games.

Good deal for the Nets, they get rid of a couple of "disappointing" players and we get stuck with their contracts.

This trade talk reminds me of a John Wooden comment about confusing activity with accomplishment.

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