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Monday, February 14, 2011

Cha-ching! Your tax and tuition dollars at work

The media has duly noted that Governor Retread won't be living in the official gubernatorial mansion in Salem -- at least, not much. Does that mean that he'll get a housing allowance for his love pad in Portland?

If not, he's not doing as well as the chancellor of the state university system, George PER[n]Steiner, who gets both free use of a mansion in Eugene (which apparently costs around 50 grand a year just to maintain) and a $26,000-a-year stipend to pay for his other house in Portland. On top of his $280,000 salary, $36,000 expense account, and all the state employee pension you can eat. Nice work if you can get it.

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Don't forget the access to a state owned, E-plated vehicle for use during his Portland to Salem commute, along with state paid gas, insurance and maintenance.

Guess it could be worse...California's former Governor lived in Los Angeles and commuted, but from what I hear, he did so at his own expense (using his personal jet).

I have a feeling that Governor Dr. John and Dame Cylvia will be staying in Salem more than stated. Cylvia enjoys taking John and her undersized horse (Rhodesian Ridgeback)out galloping at Mento Brown. I know firsthand, Fido nearly knocked me over as I was walking the path two weeks back. Is it not ironic that such an environmentally aware couple would have such an huge mammal for a pet?


"Nice work if you can get it."

Very few can. The competition is fierce for good leaders of large educational institutions and systems.

These are very large and complex enterprises. If this document is accurate (http://oregonstate.edu/leadership/budget/budget-reductions) then the OUS has an annual budget of nearly 500 million dollars. UofO has 4500 employees, so the full system must have well over 15,000 employees. UofO, OSU, and PSU have a combined enrollment of over 70,000 students.

I am not sure what you think the chancellor deserves, but when compared to salaries nationwide, we are underpaying rather badly, not unlike the way we've been starving higher education in this state for decades.


Since Cylvia's not a legal spouse (probably so she get around some kind of disclosure for "consultant" work), is she gonna reimburse the state for FMV rent?

BTW - Kitz v.2 is just as distant as Kitx v.1 was and Teddy also.

Way to kiss up, Paul.

I'm curious as to what the chancellor does. Does he have the power to hire and fire the presidents of the universities, or people that report to the presidents? Does he have authority over the budgets of the universities? Does he have authority to establish levels of tuition and fees? Does he have authority to approve capital projects? How about cirriculum? If he does these things, he's probably paid fairly. If he doesn't, then what exactly does he do?

what exactly does he do?

A lot of chancelling is involved, Bob.

Do you refer to the house where you live with your sweetheart as a "love pad"? Just wondering.

$280k is it? Heck, in San Jose even Police Liutenants can earn north of $300k!


(sp, Lieutenant.)

Do you refer to the house where you live with your sweetheart as a "love pad"? Just wondering.

Ours is a love shack.

It is Monday eve and I'm sore, tired, dirty and hungry. As I wait for the pain meds kick in I sit and surf the Bog. I wade through the posting about the educational finances. And then read the comments.
The first smile was Jack's "Way to kiss up, Paul." The next was Allen L's "A lot of chancelling is involved, Bob." The LOL is "Ours is a love shack."
Well played gentlemen, well played!

Paul G:

Fierce competition? Not really. Pernsteiner was an inside appointment by Neil Goldschmidt, just before the sex scandal broke. George Pernsteiner is pretty much unique among university chancellors in not having a PhD. The RG editorial board wrote:

Pernsteiner was chosen without any of the hallmarks of a chancellor's hiring - no nationwide search, no interviews, no public process.

Then in 2005, the new OUS Board President made it permanent - again, no search or public process. The Board waived the normal rules for this. From the OUS Board minutes:

Appointment of the Chancellor: Henry Lorenzen, president of the Board, proposed that members appoint George Pernsteiner as chancellor of the Oregon University System; ... The Board voted unanimously to suspend the Internal Management Directive to complete a search for this position, and approved the appointment of George Pernsteiner as chancellor.

If I provide you with a house, and you choose not to live in it, why should I pay for a second place as well?

As with public primary and secondary education, administration of higher ed is a racket. Period.

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