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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

But will you have to buy a hunting tag?

Over in South Dakota, if your wife's about to have an abortion you don't want her to have, and you can't bully her out of it, it may soon be legal for you to kill the doctor.

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Yep, especially if the doctor is trying to kill you or your fetus... ie killing in self defense.

Of course, it would be legal to (in self defense) kill a lawyer, dentist, Senator, meth addict, thug, or priest, if they also were trying to kill you or your fetus. And I don't believe you need a license for that.

You're missing the point. It's not just "you or your fetus." The proposed law in question lets the pregnant woman's spouse kill the doctor, without regard to whether the mother consents to the abortion.

Or maybe you get the point, and you like it.

"our reason is our law."
-Milton: Paradise Lost, bk. IX, l. 652

Of course, if you lack reason in the sense of say Voltaire, then you should not be deciding on what the law is or is not.

Opps... and I thought I read it.

Please refer to Gail Collins' recent op/ed in the NYT about stupid and ridiculous state legislation.

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