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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Blazers get better; so does Thunder

There was indeed some wheeling and dealing by the Blazers on trade deadline day. Gerald Wallace is coming in, and Joel Przybilla and Dante Cunningham are headed to Charlotte. Meanwhile, Oklahoma City picked up Kendrick Perkins and Nate Robinson from Boston in exchange for Jeff Green and that Krstic guy.

Green will be a loss for OKC, but they get some bigger timber in the center, and we've always loved watching Nate play.

In other trade news, former Duck Aaron Brooks, who tortured the Blazers in the playoffs a while back, is moving from Houston to Phoenix to become the heir apparent to Steve Nash. Houston also sent longtime stalwart Shane Battier to Memphis -- the Rockets, it seems, are blowing everything up and starting over.

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I like Gerald Wallace didn't like the 2 1st round picks.

OKC just got the edge on this deal. Jeff Green was fading and Perkins fill a spot they (and a lot of teams) needed a good C/PF.

Jeff Green is not "fading."

I'll miss Przybilla. In this past Wednesday's night game, he blocked Kobe Bryant's one layup attempt from behind and started a Blazer fast break. I guess Wallace gives the Blazers some inside scoring of sorts whereas Przybilla didn't. Wallace is supposedly 220 lbs and 6'7. So Blazers lose length and weight.

I don't understand why the Blazers didn't play Przybilla in the latter parts of the fourth quarter of the Laker game Wednesday. The Lakers out length the Blazers down the stretch, getting second chance points (just enought to tie in regulation in fact). Blazer's need some more length inside inorder to free up Aldridge who was battling three 7 footers. Even so, the Blazers missed a lot of open shots in the last four minutes which would have won the game.

Bottom line: One long and weighty inside scorer away from contending with the likes of the Lakers.

If Camby comes back, you're looking at a much better situation in there.

I am having a hard time understanding this trade.

The Trailblazers according to any interested observer, like many teams are weak at the point guard. A trade for a point guard makes sense if the team is serious about contending. Trading for a player at a position that is not your weakest link makes me think they are in a complacent phase.

If the Trailblazers want to rebuild, they have the Gerald Wallace and LaMarcus Aldridge core for the wings. All that is left is the 1 (point guard), 2 (shooting guard), and 5 (center) spots. If they decided to rebuild this off-season, a trade involving Oden could easily fill one of those spots. The only question mark is Brandon Roy.

If not rebuilding and assuming all goes to plan, the Trailblazers have Brandon Roy starting or in the reserves, Gerald Wallace at small forward, LaMarcus Aldridge at power forward, and Greg Oden at center. This is a best of all possible scenarios. Leaving only the 1 spot to fill.

If anything, what I take away is that Nicolas Batum has been called out. Either perform or lose your starting role to Gerald Wallace. As for Andre Miller and the rest, the fact the Trailblazers did not trade him means caution and a possible future with Coach Nate at the helm for years to come.

As much as it pains me to say, the title will go through L.A. once again.

Ryan, you need to wake up to reality. Roy and Oden are both washed up. And the Blazers could not have upgraded at point guard; there's nobody out there they can get who's better than Andre Miller.

If Batum doesn't snap out of whatever was wrong with him last night, then he shouldn't be starting.

Before this trade I was reading about how the Bobcats have beaten the Lakers 8 out of the last 10 times. Here's Gerald Wallace's assessment:
"Every team has their one escape route. I guess the Lakers is ours. Hopefully we can make it to the finals and meet them. Our odds would be pretty good then."

So in addition to all the basketball talent, he's funny. I say that makes this a great trade. Welcome to Portland, Gerald.

Aaron Brooks would have been a nice pick up for us at the point. All in all this was a good trade. As much as we all love Joel, it is obvious that his mobility is a fraction of what it used to be. Hopefully he gets to stay in the league for a few more years.

For my taste, I would prefer a guy who's one year away from BECOMING all-pro, rather than a guy who's a one year away "has been" all-pro. At 28, he's one year away from joining the bad knees boys on the bench.

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