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Monday, February 7, 2011

Badmouthing Evraz

Now that the company is bailing on downtown Portland, downtown's greatest cheerleader, the O, casts it in a negative light. Think the paper would have done that if the Russians were doubling their office space in Portland?

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Corn-venient. In other words, Evraz stopped paying for advertising, so the O had no reason to keep up its Goatse impersonation.

I donm't know if its bad news, but Evraz is built on junk debt. I'd guessthat Oregon Steel Mills is next on the chopping block.

Unless there is a he!!acious jump in commodity prices or the Chinese/Koreans stopping making steel or it just gets plain expensive thru tariffs.

The staff at the big O seems to use Wikipedia and Google exclusively when researching stories. I wonder if they still have an in-house morgue.

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