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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Back to school

Reporter Ryan Frank is leaving the O to go be the publisher of the daily student newspaper at the U of O. Frank, who was the O's Portland City Hall reporter for a short stint, always cut the ruling class of developer shills a lot of slack -- far too much slack -- but at least he never fell all the way down to the Randy Gragg pretention level. One wonders what will happen now, with probably an even less experienced person in the crucial City Hall position. A new kid will be eaten alive, and there aren't many old hands left as the O gradually disintegrates.

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From now on, Sam and Randy will be writing the Metro section, with PPS press releases filling up the remaining space advertisers have left behind.

If Sam and Randy providing the press releases for all of us to "really get a good sense of good reporting" on the issues in town, my question again is:

What is the status of the $10 million dollars that they tried to get out of the water bureau to buy the Oregonian property a few months ago? I would like an update, if there is one.

Brad Schmidt has been doing some of the City Hall work, and in the stuff I've read he seems willing to ask some tough questions. So we'll see ...

I think you scared him away.

Ryan will be missed. He sunk his journalistic teeth into Mayor Creepy's leg and never let go. He was tenacious and appears he knows when to leave a sinking ship. With Frank gone, Adams has even more room to 'carry on.'. Oh joy.

The O can't perish slowly enough. I want it's ruin to drag out and its journalists to fully experience the degradation of poverty, impotence, and humiliation that they deserve.

I only wish that the trades and service people could be spared. Well, I also wish that editor and the other crawling things of the upper echelons would lose their pensions.

I am enjoying Ohman's bewildered floundering. He captures all the dishonest relic-ness of the paper. That inflated sense of self-worth that would make Ted Baxter blush.

Never been worth a damn sense he won that Katie Couric award. Wasn't worth much of a damn before either, I guess.

I am actually surprised to hear that Oregon's Republican Newspaper is still in production! I would not have bet on that when I canceled my subscription seven years ago.

The one true b!X. Web savvy, online ready. Let quality fill the The O void, for a change.

"Frank views his new role as publisher as a chance to make a difference in the future of journalism.

'I'm most excited about the opportunity to work with students on both the advertising and editorial sides to create a new model for journalism in the 21st century,' Frank said. 'The biggest goals are to try and continue to adapt the Emerald to fit the new media world, both in print and online and on both the editorial and advertising side.'

As a former student editor himself, Frank has a unique perspective for a publisher.

'Ryan brings an unparalleled passion to working with student journalists,' said Emerald editor in chief Nora Simon. 'As an alumnus of the Emerald and the University, he values the student experience and wants to put the Emerald on the cutting edge of student-driven media.'

As Emerald editor in chief during its centennial year from 1998 to 1999, Frank led the Emerald to be a finalist in the Pacemaker, college journalism's equivalent of the Pulitzer Prize. Before becoming editor, he was sports editor and newsroom representative to the Emerald Board of Directors.

The Emerald publisher is responsible for maintaining the organization's financial health and working with the student editor and advertising department to develop a sustainable business plan for the company's digital future."


I saw your question here about the Water Bureau's interest in The Oregonian's property in NW Portland. I looked into it and did a quick blog post to answer it. It will go up on our City Hall Watch blog tomorrow morning:


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