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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Babs for Metro

This place just gets loonier and loonier.

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Good for her, if for no other reason than to offer competition for the I-desperately-need-a-public-job-any-job-dear-god Stacey.

But those in the know know that Stacey's done everything but offer to clean their house in a bid to get the job.

I'd put my money on Shipwrack - We need to keep those contractor dollars flowing to the unions!!!

Besides, he can throw his wanna-be developer wife another chance to flush money on a bad idea like her Chinatown condos.

Then again, tell me the person with the fewest degrees of separation from Neil and I'll take the odds on that also.

God, are we ever going to get someone with a new idea in govt around here?


In Oregon, we recycle. Bottles, cans, trash, politicians, ideas.

The purpose of public officials is to provide cover for their patrons.

Apparently running low on Goldschmidters.

What's Vera doing these days?

I am for any of them except Shiprack, Stacey or Roberts. The latter three have well proven their idiocy and should just go away.

I think I need therapy. "How to live under idiot communist leadership." The more the Oregon legislature and other local governments legislate, the more our lives become poorer and gloomier. This representative Jules-Bailey character, for instance, is calling for school remodeling to only be done if LEED or higher standard. Give me a break. We're doing good if we can just keep the old buildings going, and this guy wants to hike the cost so much will be lucky if we can afford remodeling even one or two highschools.

And then these same guys say we're adding jobs. I wish people could discern there's more to jobs than this. You want to add jobs that add optimal value. You could add a lot of jobs for instance by outlawing the use of tractors and combines in farming. Then we'd all be going back to the soil, and toiling for our survival.

But: "besides that, how was the play, Mrs. Lincoln." Need therapy or a ticket out of here.

In the heart of the tolerant and diverse Portland region we are dominated by these councils entirely occupied by clones of a single perspective and agenda.

And what we get is exactly what this sort of unchallenged cabal can only produce.


Look back at the day when Babs was governor, Kitzhaber was Senate President and Vera Katz was house speaker.

What a dysfunctional combination of inepts.

They attacked our K-12 with CIMCAM (Oregon School Reform for the 21st Century) and have left a path of insanity in their wake ever since.

Now it's start over.

Well I kinda liked the "Five Oregon Governors > On to forest fire aftermath" juxtaposition.

John Benton- it is a very long list of idiocy you speak of.

The list of candidates is fascinating. Which one will help Hughes great economic growth in this region?

This is another reason I'm moving to 'The Couv' next weekend. After 41 years I have had enough of this state and its moronic politicians and voters.

The vote should be to ABOLISH Metro.....not keep staffing it.......

(yeah...I know Vancouver has it's issues...but I am looking forward to putting that Oregon Income tax back in MY pocket...)

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