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Friday, February 11, 2011

Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Legendary pro hoops coach Jerry Sloan is newly unemployed... Blazers coach Nate McMillan is in the last year of his contract in Portland...

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One can hope.

Livin' the dream...too bad that's all it'll be. But it's a nice break from the collective nightmare of Portland/Metro political foolishness.

Roy and Oden running the pick and roll? Doubtful

I think Jerry's smarter than that

Can't really tell what's going on with that story. Health, burn out, player squabbles, management? It's pretty unclear. One thing seems sure, however, it is not in character with Jerry Sloan to end his career in mid season.

I heard him say he already has a job lined up, at home, according to his wife. Apparently the honey-do list has been on hold for years.

Canzano's take is interesting. He assumes Sloan is just fed up with the overgrown babies in the NBA. If that's the case Portland wouldn't offer him much relief.

Sorry, Snards. Your comment is about five years past relevance. Blazers may have the finest collection of young men in any franchise.

Once upon a time, there were calls in the Celtics community to dump "Doc." GM Danny Ainge correctly discerned that the problem was with the players, not the coach. Management secured a team of better players for the coach.

No - The way it happened was ugly, but Sloan needed to quit. Admittedly he never had all the tools (like a go-to 3rd player), but he just never was able to string it together to win it all.

Plus look at winners like Jackson or Rivers and they seem a lot more tolerant of / able to work with the modern player.

No way I make that trade. We do not need old and tired.

You're right. Let's stick with middle-aged and mediocre.

Dirty player, dirty coach...er, I mean tough player, tough coach who taught two HOFers how to play dirty...er, how to play tough.

No thanks.

Sloan - consistently did more with less.

McMillan - consistently did less with more.

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