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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

About that snow...

Now it's going to be arriving "late."

Like next November, maybe?

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Yeah, well it's been falling steadily - and heavily - up here in Welches since early this a.m. We have about 3" now. Of course we don't shut down the mountain when the flakes come though...

Welches? I hope some kind soul will give your neighbor David some cash so he can get home before the roads become impassable.

Blue sky and sun in close-in NE Portland.

It started to heavily rain and wet snow in downtown Portland around 1:30 pm. Wimp that I am, I headed home toward Hillsboro, worried about Sylvan.

It's lovely and sunny, with blue skies here in Hillsboro.

I may never watch the weather again.

Hey Jack, if you want to keep updated, this is THE source for all the snow-mageddon news:


Mock the snow gods at your own peril. The snow machine is gathering energy just offshore, and may hit like a spring loaded top tomorrow morning. Sam is ready for the opportunity to spring into a media highlight film. Don't stop wishing for SNOW DAY!

There is an inverse proportion working here:
"The more excited the weather guys get about the upcoming weather alert, the less likely it is to happen" Take a look outside your window...., see any snow?
I feel safe knowing the weather guys always miss their forcasts.

SNOW! My mouse is frozen!

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