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Friday, February 4, 2011

$30,500 damages for more Portland police brutality

Trigger-happy Tasing and dubious courtroom testimony cost the taxpayers again.

Silver lining: At least the cop didn't kill the guy.

UPDATED, 4:55 p.m.: Headline corrected after KGW fixed its screwup.

Comments (3)

A correction for your headline Jack - the actual total was $30,000 - $3,000 goes to legal fees. (Originally mis-communicated as 30,000)

"Several witnesses who were inside have testified that virtually everything officer Tully said was faulty." Back in the day - police credibility was the rule, now it's the exception. It was assumed, now it's questioned. It seems to have become the "american way" to seek an advantage, even if to do so is morally repugnant. Thus we have come to expect "fudging" by the authorities here and evidence bolstering there. Too bad they seem unable to just play it straight. Think I'll take another listen to "Compared to What" and get my mojo in sync.

First off the guy didn't do what he was told.
With that in mind. How many times have they tased dead bodies?

What is it with the PPD and people that are impaired? Does it flip the bully switch?

Lets say Jack goes on a ride along. Will it be a test to see if he wants to thump on those who don't "Respect his Athoritah?" Will he somehow have the urge to give a beat down to those that can't fight back?
I'm sure that cop at Denny's was in fear for his safety. At the very least Jack will learn that cops dispense "street Justice" and that is why it is ok for them to "juice" and if we somehow went back to using the court system, Portland will have anarchy like Egypt... Over run with homeless, unarmed wackos and mentally ill that just don't know their place.
Have a safe weekend.

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