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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Your worst nightmare

You're being mugged and you hear Vivaldi.

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I can think of worse to listen to than Vilvaldi's "Spring" while handing over my wallet.

Actually, Probably not the worst idea this bunch has ever had. Is that sayin much?

A little Wagner might be fitting as you're running for your life.

John: Nice! Perhaps better, Purcell's March...


Or they could just play something more contemporary and appropriate for Portland, John. Like, say, "Singin' in the Rain", perhaps?

Could be worse...could be Mahler. The perps would get so depressed they would hand the gun to the MAX rider saying, "Just shoot me; I don't have the will to do it myself."

Hey, it could be worse, they could actually hire cops and then their benefits. Forgot, I guess they already have those.

BTW - I like Mahler, so I may show up at that MAX stop anyways.

Play "Gloomy Sunday", over and over. They can turn the gun on themselves.

I am an actual rider at that stop. I first noticed it November 30th. I thought I had heard it a few days earlier, but I just figured it was just yet another person playing their music loud. Yeah, it did strike me weird that it would be classical. But that methadone clinic really pumps out some interesting people. Including a really weird guy that always asks me if I have any oxy but can play the harmonica like a seasoned blues musician from Chicago.


If they would play the William Tell Overture at least the perps may think the Lone Ranger is not far away.

Didn't the CIA or the Army or some other "feds with prisoners" group play Barry Manilow? That might drive the perps away.

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