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Friday, January 28, 2011

Your gas tax at work: a "green" palace for bureaucrats

The renovation of the Oregon Transportation Department Building by -- surprise! -- Hoffman Construction is slated to cost more than $69 million. "We're going for LEED platinum," says the contractor guy. Oh yeah, buddy -- I have no doubt that you are.

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I think that means we pay them in bars of platinum.

Is this the Portland building, or the Salem headquarters?

A lot of the ODOT buildings in Salem, including their Capitol Mall headquarters, are pretty old and in dire need of upgrading.

I don't think LEED Platinum is really needed, though. The focus should be on making sure the structure is safe and usable for the purpose; energy efficiency should absolutely be considered, but with a cost-benefit analysis. Just sticking a "LEED" sign in the building lobby doesn't make it cost-effective.

Especially when there are increasing numbers of parties asking just exactly who certifies the certifiers and what are the real benefits of being LEED certified (other than making a public project very expensive and therefore very lucrative)?

$492 a square foot! What are they putting in this? Is the Guv's girlfriend involved in this?

"We're going for LEED platinum"

As in we are doing the walls and floors in platinum?

Always easy to spend other people's money.

Leed Platinum or "Lead to Platinum" for some while the rest pay.

Building palaces for state government are certainly nothing new.

The standard was set two decades ago with the State Archive Building in Salem. ODOT and Hoffman are just following precedent.

We should all remain calm. Nothing to see here.

Maybe this project helps create the "green jobs" that Obama blathers on about.

Your gas tax at work: a "green" palace for bureaucrats

Palaces for bureaucrats, more foreclosures and tent cities for others. No money for schools.

We need to follow the lead of the Egyptians and throw the bums out by their arses!

There you go again, Al, advocating violence when everyone knows all can be solved simply by writing a bigger check.

Where are the checks big enough to match those given by multinational corporations?

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