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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Why the delay in announcing New Year's shooting arrest?

Here's a puzzle. It's now becoming clear that Portland police arrested the alleged shooter in the New Year's nightclub murder just minutes after the killing occurred. Why was that news kept from the public until more than 12 hours later? (Here's the O story on New Year's Day in the afternoon. No mention of an arrest.)

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Well one thing I have noticed and of course this is just a theory is that PIO's have their friends in various newspapers and tv stations and they get heads up on most things ahead of any press release or official announcement.

The Oregonian seems very slow at releasing news anyways.... I have seen over the last month a number of times were they will release items on Oregonlive many hours after it hits the wire.

And why did the initial stories (incorrectly) report that the sergeant had "accidentally" fired his weapon?

The Portland Police do something well (take the shooter/murderer into custody moments after the crime occurs), yet the media coverage still manages to make the Bureau look bad. What's up with that?

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