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Thursday, January 20, 2011

What a wonderful world

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Congratulations, Jack. I got one too. Framing is expensive, and I don't think the city is going to cover it.

If you complete the framing fee rebate form it will.

Artheads at 50th & Hawthorne offers a discount to frame childrens' artwork. This ought to qualify.

Yes, I was excited to get mine as well. Not so excited to read that "my account has been credited" meaning that they have created an account for me, and had already billed it.

The "opt out" program with all the mailings and attendant bureaucracy will probably cost more than the removal fees generate.

Typical of Adams' knee jerk proposals.

It's only good for "the 2010 Leaf Removal Program" -- everyone will have to reapply and be reprocessed, and re-mailed in 2011. What a colossal bunch of knuckleheads in City Hall. How much did all of the processing and mailing cost?

Portland ~ The City That Strokes!

Considering how many bright, pretty young researchers he has on his staff who can tweet, blog, and Facebook till the cows come home, it's amazing how often Mayor Adams bungles the execution and/or communication of his ideas. He needs more people around him with the courage and smarts to tell him to his face when ideas of his are poorly thought out or will be tough sells to the public. I'm not sure his self-confidence is strong enough for that, though . . .

....so it's the perfect time to tell him.

Jeez - all this hate speech again.... I am so disappointed......

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