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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Water main issue up on SW Broadway Drive?

A reader writes:

SW Broadway Drive is one of the routes into the city from "the Hill" [OHSU].

It has been closed for a few weeks to repair a potential slide.

Some people living near the location say the potential slide is exacerbated by a leak in a water main and that the water bureau had made some repairs prior to the closure.

Did I miss the MSM coverage?

If the reader did, then so did we.

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SW Broadway Dr. has been blocked off except for local access for more than 2 weeks now. The road about halfway down is broken up, but not very badly. I've been wondering why no one is doing anything about it and why it hasn't been reported on at all (unless i missed something?).
I guess it's a mystery.

"Road Closed" signs are posted in various locations, but you can actually drive all the way trough. This may change, of course, if crews are working on the repair.

Here is some reporting on the issue.

Bike traffic is still getting through so further repairs are not a priority.

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