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Monday, January 24, 2011

Three reported hit in shootout in Cully neighborhood

On NE 60th, just north of Prescott. According to police:

At approximately 12:45 a.m. this morning, January 24, 2011, Portland Police responded to a shots fired call in the 4500 hundred block of Northeast Halsey Street. [NOTE: This appears to be the wrong address; the bar in question is near the five-way intersection of Prescott and 60th. -- J.B.] Employees from J D's Bar and Grill told police two groups of males had been arguing inside the club and continued their argument outside the club when shots were fired. Three males were shot and transported to area hospitals. One male victim was shot in the chest, one male victim was shot in the abdomen and one male victim was shot in the arm.

Witnesses from the club told arriving officers that the suspects left the shooting scene in a black Chrysler 300 model vehicle. Gresham Officers located the vehicle near Northeast 181st Avenue and Northeast Halsey Street and attempted to stop the car. The driver of the vehicle pulled into an Arco gas station near that location. The passenger of the vehicle ran from the traffic stop. The male driver was taken into custody at the vehicle stop location and the male passenger was eventually taken into custody north of the vehicle stop. Names are not available at this time but both men appear to be 25 to 30 years old.

Police believe this incident is gang related and Gang Enforcement Investigators are in route to investigate this shooting. Officers remain at the original shooting location in the 4500 block of Northeast Halsey Street and the vehicle stop location at Northeast 181st Avenue and Northeast Halsey Street in Gresham while Forensic Evidence Division Criminalists collect evidence and Gang Enforcement Investigators begin their investigation into this shooting.

A reader, who places the incident on 60th just north of Prescott, writes at just about the same time or shortly thereafter:

More than ten shots, in several sets. Woman crying over man on ground, was standing for 30 seconds before going down. Later, medic tells another, we have at least three people down (I am thinking this might mean three hit). Really low pulse on one victim.

Comments (14)

Some stations are saying they are on Halsey st & one just said Prescott!

Ch 6 video looks like it is indeed Prescott!


Quick, check twitter see if Sam is on the way to help.

One of the victims is reportedly dead.

Little wonder, the value of life in the USA is fast becoming equal to that of Mexico.

"Employees" -- (unless things have changed) means one bartender, and a few independent contractors.

Rotate the picture (in the link) to the right to locate the tobacco shop where the guy was laying on the sidewalk at the base of the ramp.

It'll be enlightening to see what sort of insulting nonsense comes out of himself over this one.

If they only would've been playing classical music in that bar none of this would have happened.

Cully needs jobs, diversion programs for troubled youth, and gang-enforcement officers. What does the city give them? A cycle-track.

The cops were still there at 7:30 this morning when I went by. There has been a lot of tagging going on lately in the neighborhood...

Eric, the city does that because that is how government 'creates jobs' - meaningless and often temporary busywork.

Now if they would cut fees and regulations for private individuals on the other hand ...

The city does that because that is how government 'creates jobs' - meaningless and often temporary busywork.

That's no doubt a part of it, but I think it's more about making Cully residents think the city actually cares about them through some window-dressing project that does none of the hard work of addressing the neighborhood's real needs, while at the same time buying some more votes from the bicycle crowd. I'm sure a cycle track is not at the top of the list of what Cully residents think their neighborhood needs (although at least they are getting sidewalks out of the project).

I drove through there on the way to Cascade Station last night (missing the shooting by a few hours), and cars were parked on the cycle track. Maybe the city is letting them do so for now since the construction is still not finished, but it's going to take a lot of tickets to get people trained to not park there. It will be fun to see the city try to mediate between the lower-income Cully residents who need on-street parking and can't afford parking tickets and the out-of-neighborhood bicyclists who want their cycle track clear of obstructions. Bring popcorn.

Popcorn or a kevlar vest?

Pay attention.

Possible these bike perks are being put in neighborhoods now without enough political objection, then precedent will be set for them to be put in the rest.

Sorry for the shooting at Cully. Am afraid that with the economy and less services available for public needs, it could become far worse.

As for those who do not care, because they do not live there, this can and has spilled over into the rest of the city.

A skate park probably would've been more useful and appreciated in that neighborhood. Now with a bike track, they'll have a daily reminder that the whitey elitists aren't even going to act like they care anymore. Condos and streetcars are probably in the cards next.

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