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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The multi-modal mecca ain't always pretty

A reader who's a serious cyclist writes:

Have you noticed this stuff around town? The city's apparently too strapped for cash to do real curb work, so we get these lovely white plastic posts:

SW Terwilliger at Capitol

SE 92nd at Ramona
And as long as I'm on a roll, how about this well planned bike path ramp taken last summer? New curb at the entrance to the 205 bike path, with no ramp whatsoever. Nice planning, huh?

SE 92nd and Crystal Springs

Classic. All the more reason to go by streetcar!

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God knows what they were thinking on that third photo, which I assume is part of the ODOT/Trimet I-205 path project:


what is the point of the white poles on 92nd and Ramona ?

what is the point of the white poles on 92nd and Ramona ?

Temporary bubble curbs?

Photo #1 is a slalom course, part of Portland's bid for the 2028 Winter Olympics. More visionary thinking from City Hall!

Marion County used to put these poles out to "guide" traffic away from the shoulder as approaching a small bridge abutment near his fields. My brother kept taking them "out". County kept reinstalling them. Until one day when the crew was on site and almost done installing them. My brother approached on his tractor; on coming traffic once again forced him over. They no longer put these out.

To all you doubters: this is how bike routes contribute more money to the overall economy than standard roads for cars. You can't do things this stupid on regular roads without someone catching it right away. With bike routes, though, you can redo it and redo it and redo it over and over, all with the blessings of Portland government. Go by bicycle!

Here's my guess about the 92nd/Crystal Springs curb: The bike path crosses 92nd at that point, in the middle of the street rather than a corner, and at an odd angle.

You could make the case that the curb prevents/discourages bicyclists from trying to dash across 92nd without checking traffic. 92nd is pretty heavily traveled at that point.

Pay peanuts, get monkeys.

Even worse if you don't pay up front!

I wish they would fix the water main at Bertha and Barbur near my dentists office that has been leaking lots of water since the summer and turned the entire sidewalk into a ice skating rink during the cold periods this winter.

Still not fixed and its months later all they have is some safety cones and they also spray painted the area.

Are those plastic thing-a-ma-jiggies made locally in Portland (not just the Metro area, but within Portland city limits), using 100% recycled/reclaimed materials, by a company which is owned by a minority and employs only minorities, which pays a "livable" wage and with full benefits?

Most of the safety cones, barrels, anything to do with all these traffic control devices comes from our own Sanderson Safety Supply Co. over on SE 3rd. Locally owned. Now where they get the stuff, that's worldwide. But the company loves all this Sammy Bike hoopala. They laugh all the way to the bank.

That's one reason that you'll see the orange barrels out for over one to two years on a so-called road construction project without any work really being done-it supports the "safety" industry.

A few years ago I met a fellow from Austria living here and he asked me how did Portland get to be full of such arrogant people? He laughed and said we were worse than the French.

I'm starting to wonder if there isn't a big asteroid heading for Portland that just hasn't been spotted yet... maybe a trajectory hidden in the glare of the sun. The arrogance and insanity is starting to get spooky, sort of biblical.

Those white plastic shafts have been mowed down a couple of times on Willamette Blvd. near Wabash and Vincent.

To appreciate how stupid these bike both from Lombard to Willamette Blvd. via Vincent and/or Wabash.

Look closely at the danger and inconvenience that has been created.

Next, look closely at the bicycle related expenditures there. Try estimating the cost for this mess. Think that it took 2 to 3 weeks to destroy (full time city crews)the intersections. Have a goodish authority quote me a ballpark price of $500.00 for those white bike riders signs in the middle of the street.

Price it out and reckon the havoc. It doesn't, by the way, resemble its former straightforward and safe existence.

My guess is $15,000, wages included.

When I see this complete waste of public funds, I'm so glad we left Portland and now live where the bike nazi types are a small and often ignored minority of the population. The best thing folks in Portland can do for themselves is remove Sam Adams and Randy Leonard from public office at the earliest possible opportunity.

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