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Friday, January 28, 2011

The latest from Dave Hunt: the finger

Our post of the other day questioning the steady stream of hot air coming from Oregon Rep. Dave Hunt has triggered a nasty little e-mail exchange with someone named Geoff Sugerman, who as best I can tell is the new "Communications Director for the Oregon House Majority office." (No, I am not making that up. There is such an office and they have at least one paid flack.)

Here's the exchange (so far):

Saw your blog post today. To be sure we made a staff error that left the House Speaker title in the return email (which was corrected by staff in just a few minutes). But you asked a year or two ago to be included on Dave’s list. And now you bash him for sending you an electronic email that has a link to a constituent survey, information about town hall meetings, etc. Would you just like us to take you off the list?



No, please don't take me off any lists.

I'm not bashing anybody. I'm pointing out that Dave does a lot of self-aggrandizing p.r. And he's not alone.

Did he send out the new year's card again this year?

He's not my representative. What is he running for? Why are taxpayers paying for it?

Jack Bogdanski


First Jack, there are no taxpayer dollars used in Dave’s annual New Year’s card. And his Constant Contact account is also paid with campaign funds and not tax dollars. Being a Grinch myself, I guess I can kind of understand your objections to receiving a card that wishes you a Happy New Year. Guess most people know not to send you any kind of holiday greeting. We’ll be sure to take you off Dave’s New Year’s card list.

Now let’s talk about the e-newsletter which was the basis of your recent blog post.

As I said, the cost of his Constant Contact account is paid for out of his campaign account. Thus, his e-newsletter is sent without use of any taxpayer dollars. Had you bothered to call and check it out before you wrote your post, I would have been glad to tell you that. As always, if you have questions or want comments about any issues, feel free to call me. I’ve never not returned one of your calls or failed to provide you with any information you requested.

Included in Dave’s newsletter was a constituent survey, including a link to an online survey form and information about Dave’s upcoming town hall meetings. At this town hall meeting over 50 people showed up. Do you object to communicating with constituents about how and when they can meet directly with Dave or asking them for their opinions about how to help the state through this global recession? Also in the newsletter was information about legislation passed in 2009 to allow the state to more closely regulate insurance rate premium increases, information about how the House was successfully organized on opening day, what Dave’s role and committee assignments are this session and a shout-out to Bob of Bob’s Red Mill (which is in Dave’s district) for donating $5 million to OSU.

I completely disagree that this was “self-aggrandizing” and frankly find it hugely ironic that a person who creates their own blog would accuse anyone else of being too self-promoting.


What professionals -- this guy, who we are paying for, and his boss.

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Must be getting hot in the kitchen.

Being a Grinch myself, I guess I can kind of understand your objections to receiving a card that wishes you a Happy New Year. Guess most people know not to send you any kind of holiday greeting.

I wonder why Portlanders have a reputation for being passive-aggressive.

Did you opt-in to this?

To paraphrase "Seinfeld": No Tweets for you!"

Hey, anything Dave Hunt says would be self-aggrandizing considering all the good he's done.

I love what our elected officials care to respond to and what they ignore.

Geoff must feel his position is pretty secure to behave so obnoxiously. Really unprofessional.

Roger posted: "To paraphrase "Seinfeld": No Tweets for you!" "

OK. Now that was way funny.......

Unprofessional to be sure, but I think the exchange says just as much about bojack as geoff.

The money quote being "Had you bothered to call and check it out before you wrote your post, I would have been glad to tell you that."

Politicians are self-promoters by nature. That's kinda how they get to be politicians in the first place.

OK this one is hard. TTR took the lead, Roger followed up, but seriously Geoff, for a PR Hack, you put a new definition on Butthurt FAIL.

Sugerman don't sugarcoat it. Living up to his name isn't among his specialties, apparently.

Seems as if Mr. Snitty is thrilled to have some actual work to do. All that taxpayer-funded web surfing and People magazine reading gets pretty dull.

You would hope that the Communications Director for the Oregon House Majority would have enough sense to not be a snarky jackass when replying in an official capacity on behalf of the duly elected representative.

He probably staffed it out to an intern as to not interrupt his busy schedule of browsing blogs looking for someone talking junk about his boss.

And besides, isn't the House split 30-30? If it's an even split, how can you have an "Oregon House Majority Office?"

There's no majority or minority!

Fred, are you sure? Some of them act like minors.

They'll eventually learn not to pick a fight with someone who buys electrons by the barrel.

Dave Hunt is such a joke. He was Speaker of the House, but once it became an even split, it gave his own party the opportunity to finally throw him under the bus. His own caucus doesn't like him either.

Also, is this PR guy Geoff paid by the campaign, or our tax dollars?

Here is the press release:

Contact Geoff Sugerman: 503-986-1904

House Majority Office Hires Staff

SALEM – State Rep. Dave Hunt announced today that Amelia Porterfield has been hired as Member Services Director and Geoff Sugerman has been named as Communications Director for the Oregon House Majority office.

Porterfield most recently worked as Policy Coordinator for Metro Councilors Brian Newman, Robert Liberty and Susan McLain. She previously served as Grassroots Organizer for the American Cancer Society, managed Representative Hunt’s campaign in his first election in 2002 and served as a Legislative Assistant during the 1999 and 2001 regular sessions (as well as several special sessions) for former Rep. Gary Hansen.

Sugerman last worked in state government as a member of Governor Barbara Roberts’ communications team in 1991. Since then he has worked as a political consultant for numerous legislative candidates and initiative campaigns, including current House members Rep. Mitch Greenlick and Rep. Chip Shields. He holds a Journalism/Advertising degree from Ohio University.

Below is a listing of House Majority staff phone numbers and emails:

Annette Rose 503-986-1468 annette.rose@state.or.us

Annette Talbott 503-986-1905 annette.talbott@state.or.us

Debbie Dorris Koreski 503-986-1906 debbie.koreski@state.or.us

Amelia Porterfield 503-986-1903 amelia.porterfield@state.or.us

Geoff Sugerman 503-986-1904 geoff.sugerman@state.or.us

Here is his facebook page.


Notable, one of his other activities listed is "Intelligent, classy, well educated women who say F*CK alot"

Also "I Speak Fluent Sarcasm" I couldn't said it better myself.

What a prince... Can we request what this joker is making?

Gosh, what's all the fuss about?

Seems like a fair exchange of insults and innuendo all around. No place for thin skins on either side, eh?

For once I agree with CC. Well said.

I'm now a HUGE FAN of Dave Hunt and Geoff Sugerman.. By the way, Sugerman is an awesome name.

Jack's email looks SOOOOOOO petty.

For once I agree with CC. Well said.

What's the catch? ;)

I don't blame Geoff for pushing back. But he could have been a lot more polite about it, especially since (a) he's on the public pad and (b) he's supposed to be helping public relations. Instead, he came on all combative. I guess that's the way Dave Hunt rolls. Straight outta Gladstone.

If you have ever dealt with Dave Hunt (I have) you would realize how petty and punative he can be. For heaven sake his own caucus booted him from leadership.

Football simile. If you don't like hard contact, don't put on the pads.

Why would you sign up to get a newsletter and information and then complain when you get it? Why are you posting a three-year-old press release that is now inaccurate in regards to Sugerman’s title?
You obviously post to your blog before checking facts, putting other people down and twisting information when you really don’t know what you are saying.
Dave Hunt and his staff are hard working and dedicated to making Oregon a better place for all of us. The insults posted on this page spewed to individuals you and your readers don’t really know reflect the intelligence and consciousness of this blog.

And it is too often said that there is nothing to cut in the Oregon budget. . .

Majority (or minority) implies a partisan office. Why would any Oregon tax revenues fund a partisan office?

Should there not just be one spokesperson for the Oregon House?

What is the IP of " C'mon kids, play nice"?

1. You know that "C'mon Kids" just got banned from this site.

2. Jack, I don't think there was any reason for the guy to be polite in his response to someone that constantly and baselessly attacks his boss on a personal level. Good PR is knowing which folks you'll never get anywhere with, and I'm surprised he responded to you at all. The way he did respond, though, was about as classy he could be in addressing your comments.

What is the IP of " C'mon kids, play nice"?

IP Information for
IP Location: United States United States Salem State Of Oregon
Resolve Host: ab-firewall.oda.state.or.us
IP Address: [Whois] [Reverse-Ip] [Ping] [DNS Lookup] [Traceroute]
Reverse IP: 1 website uses this address. (example: myoregonfarm.org)
NetRange: -
NetName: OR-GOV
NetHandle: NET-159-121-0-0-1
Parent: NET-159-0-0-0-0
NetType: Direct Assignment
Comment: http://www.oregon.gov
RegDate: 1992-04-14
Updated: 2003-01-13
Ref: http://whois.arin.net/rest/net/NET-159-121-0-0-1

OrgName: State of Oregon
Address: 530 Airport Rd
City: Salem
StateProv: OR
PostalCode: 97301
Country: US
RegDate: 1995-08-14
Updated: 2010-04-28
Comment: http://www.oregon.gov
Ref: http://whois.arin.net/rest/org/OREGON

was about as classy he could be in addressing your comments.

That pretty much establishes your own lack of credibility, Andrew.

And FTR, although I may have signed up to get e-mail from Mr. Hunt, I never signed up or gave him my home address to send me the stupid New Year's card of him and his wife and kids two years in a row. I don't know where he got my home address to do that. And that's what got my attention to what an egotist he probably is. Then good old Geoff confirmed my worst fears in that department.

We have an ample supply of sub-optimally equipped PR professionals 'round these parts. Well, everywhere.

Years ago, on a public list-server, I pointed out a technical "mis-statement" made by a Portland Water Bureau communications employee and said that he was just "...the Water Bureau flak."

This person become whiny, indignant, and petulant about me calling him a "flake." It's tough when you don't even know the jargon in your own profession.

(For another entertaining PR-fail screed visit http://www.theregister.co.uk/2010/10/08/tesla_fotw/)

If these communications are paid with campaign dollars that should be stated prominently in bold type. Then a reader will reader will recognize the true nature of the message.

Seems like ol' Dave Hunt and his posse is onto a new kinda campaign strategy: Push Away Polling.

We have an ample supply of sub-optimally equipped PR professionals 'round these parts. Well, everywhere.

I know what you mean Zeb. I got into it online with Amy Ruiz a few years back when she was still at the Merc. She's another defensive, sarcastic and vengeful city flak. Or flake. They both fit.

I'd like to know what sort of "services" Amelia provides her members. And the going rates for same.

Also, I note that the four folks other than Geoff are all women. Given his Facebook page, should we assume they are all intelligent, well-educated and disposed to utter a certain expletive with satisfactory frequency?

Frankly, I advocate burning all state buildings to the ground and forcing all legislators, bureaucrats and other officials -- elected and otherwise -- to conduct their meetings in cheap, drafty hotel rooms reeking of tobacco and stale beer while sitting on steel folding chairs at rickety card tables.

Not only would we save money, but I expect the meetings would be much shorter and more productive. And it would be amusing to listen to self-important twits like Geoff try to spin it.

"... as if Mr. Snitty is thrilled to have some actual work to do."

There is actual Large Liability that Geoff will NOT have work to do because, ya'see, Dave Hunt many times goes and does his own P.R. always coming on the Lars Larson programming.

Ya' couldn't say he does his own very well, since every time LIARS spits hate in his ear, and Hunt takes it, laps it up, and follows foolishly anywhere LIARS orders him.
... image damage by himself or image sabotage by Geoff, yeah, that's the ticket

And now the nastiness here has devolved into advocating arson of public buildings. But these folks are just concerned citizens....

And now the nastiness here has devolved into advocating arson of public buildings. But these folks are just concerned citizens....


Thin skin is one thing; feigned obtuseness is quite another.

If you wanna play, accept that you may encounter hyperbole, among other techniques, around here. Your phony dismay is baseless, pointless and witless.

Perhaps you just weren't cut out for the rough and tumble.

Perhaps your vegan nature is too delicate.

Gee, Andrew, I'm so sorry to have ruffled your delicate feathers.

And I'm sorry you don't like my manners. As a matter of fact, I don't like them myself. I worry about them when I'm sitting in the dark on long winter evenings and wonder if I will ever be able to attain the levels of civility to which we all aspire. It's sad. And tragic. And tragically sad.

You're right, of course. This is the best of all possible worlds and our friends in state government are only doing what's best for all of us, if we would only open our eyes to it.

Please forgive my apostasy and uninformed insolence.

Andrews qualifications:

Office of Congressman David Wu
Public Policy industry
June 2007 – August 2007 (3 months)

Staff Associate
Office of Portland City Commissioner Sam Adams
Public Policy industry
June 2006 – September 2006 (4 months)

Activities and Societies: 2008-09 Chief of Staff, Associated Students of the University of Oregon

Well, there ya go!

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