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Monday, January 31, 2011

The girl

Somebody was bound to do it, but we're glad it wasn't us: Willamette Week has decided to reveal the identity of Neil Goldschmidt's now-deceased statutory rape victim. It's been on the internet for a while, if you knew where to look. (For example, just run a search for "Dunham" through this document -- incompetently redacted.)

If this helps us figure out who knew about the prolonged abuse of this teenager and covered up for Goldschmidt -- whose many friends still run Portland, if not all of Oregon -- the additional details may turn out to play a legitimate role in shaping the future of our civic life. But we doubt that it will, and if it doesn't, what's the point?

UPDATE, 10:12 p.m.: Utterly fascinating -- now the O has an extensive story by Margie Boule on the wire. Willy Week apparently has one or more moles inside the O, and WW flashed some of its story this afternoon, probably so that it could get at least something on the internet before the daily did.

Like everyone else, we will read Ms. Boule's version. But after that newspaper's stunningly corrupt handling of this story over several decades -- particularly the way it portrayed the "affair" when the whistle was finally being blown -- we would not trust anything the O published about Neil Goldschmidt, or anything he touched, ever.

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Might be more effective to remind the uppity types in wine country that something actually did happe:


Instead of pretending like nothing happened.

BTW - If you think the WW mentioning it is a waste, then the 318-page report is as bad.

This is Oregon and Neil will get his way.

"Now if Goldschmidt can just find a name for the winery..."

Any takers?

I'm thinking,

"Pedot Pinot"

What a creep. My younger sister was in her class at SMA. Puts things in perspective to me. Can't believer there's a statute of limitations for this. No conscience, no soul.


Dunham Hills Vineyard

This so so disturbing on many levels. When you stand back and look at the sickness in so many places at such levels in the higher crust of Oregon. The secrecy and cover-ups are integral to to this kind of thing continuing. No wonder a mayor can be creepy. Once we see what a beautiful and promising girl destroyed by that cable of editors, officials and money handlers.
The wines of Adelsheim, Patti Green and Rex Hill will never grace my table.

Goldschmidt makes me sick!
His victim should have justice.

Makes Teddy K's blubbering last month about "losing his mentor" all the more infuriating. It's too bad Goldie's ghost will continue to haunt us for many years, given the number of his coatholders entrenched in high state offices.

Babysitter's Long Ride Home...

Hypocrisy Hills...


Arrested Redevelopment...

From the wineries web site, sick, sick, sick:

Yet the former politician doesn't necessarily want to use his name on the label, even though grapes purchased from his property are referred to as fruit from the Goldschmidt Vineyards. He said the vineyard partnership includes other people and using his name feels a little uncomfortable.

"The winery name is a project we'll have to tackle in the upcoming months," Goldschmidt added.

"His name is so well known," said an Oregon grape grower. "Who in the Northwest doesn't know the name Goldschmidt? Seems like a natural selling point to me."

Read more: http://www.avalonwine.com/Goldschmidt-winery.htm#ixzz1Cg0h3bhZ


When first I read "Teddy K" I actually thought it referred to Mary Jo's fellow.

A kinship does exist there.

dman -

Educate me please.

Whats the connection between the child rapist and Rex Hill / Adelsheim.

And who is Patti Green?

Thank you.

Here is the URL for the Goldschmidt Vineyard, http://www.goldschmidtvineyards.com/

If you would like to drop them an email here is that address:

Please ignore the previous posting, that is a vineyard in California.

Sorry about that.

What?? The Oregonian recognizes something bad happened???


What a pathetic publication.

I'll probably be excommunicated for this comment. But after reading all the latest developing news about Ms. Dunham's life, I made the connection of OHSU to Goldschmidt to her. OHSU is suppose to bring us good health-its mission.

Some at OHSU speculated, knew of this story-before WW first reported the beginning story, then worse, even after. They employed Goldschmidt and his firm to advocate for taking $250 million in state lottery dollars for OHSU; for instigating the tram; the donation of Schnitzer property to OHSU, and other insidious OHSU endeavors. And this analogy applies to other scenarios that have ensued in the past several decades concerning Goldschmidt.

The question is, "When do you stop doing business with souls like Goldschmidt?" Most of us wouldn't after several points along this path. An institution didn't live up to its Mission. And I think this may be one small part that Ms. Dunham lamented and wanted known.

Child Rapist Red.

I'd boycott any winery that bought grapes from Goldschmidt's vineyard.

And she's not just his anonymous victim anymore.


Sorry, you're late:


Since no one in state/city or local govt is going to do anything, I am not going ot buy Oregon wine any more.

Patti Green is Patricia Green:


"Whats the connection between the child rapist and Rex Hill / Adelsheim."

Neil is what the French call a negociant, he basically grows grapes to sell to vintners like Rex Hill and Adelsheim.

Of course, I'm sure even the French would call him a couple of other things, but I'll leave it at that.

Sorry, one more thing from the WEBsite, a quote:

"His name is so well known," said an Oregon grape grower. "Who in the Northwest doesn't know the name Goldschmidt? Seems like a natural selling point to me."

This state is about as advanced as any rural county in Alabama.

The Avalon site states that Goldy's "politics are for a safe clean environment".
I imagine his victim would disagree.
IF I buy any Oregon pinot noir again I will do some serious research to
be sure it is not continated with anything grown on his soil.

Would someone please enlighten me here?

All of you progressives want to rant about Goldschmidt's grapes getting in your favorite bottle of Oregon wine yet you continue to vote for the same bunch that are sycophants and enablers of the former governor.

What's up with that?

Not all Goldy Demos are slime bags. Please remember one Democrat who lost big time when he blew the whistle on Kulongowski.

Fred Leonardt is a true hero, who spoke truth to power, and got slimed by the Goldy-Kulo (and Roberts-Kitz-Imeson?) kabal when he outted Sleepy Ted and his knowledge of Goldy's crime.

I heard Fred once say something like "How could I not come clean with the info about Kulo, I have two daughters of my own".

He paid a HUGE price in Oregon political circles when he talked. Most Demos here just looked the other way.

Not me! I do not vote members of Goldy's cabal.
Too many evils in those wine cellars!

Just think, had she told authorities and had he been arrested when he was mayor, what would Oregon and Portland be like today?

No more Oregon pinots for me unless it's stated on the label: This product is Goldschmidt free.

He's a dirtbag.

As a people, I think it's a real triumph of civilization to find justice in wine selections and regret. Well, the system can't do anything about it and the law is the law, after all. And we ought to be able to enjoy a good pinot noir and watch the protests in Egypt with a kind of thankfulness and relief that our own civil society would never crumble into such chaos.

LexusLibertarian:All of you progressives want to rant.....

Not all!

Unfortunately, bad scene here, with insiders. Candidates not in that circle have difficulty even getting press and/or are marginalized. The people of Portland need to wake up and not vote for the revolving door of familiar names continuing the agenda.

Another matter and hesitate to bring this up, but can we trust those in charge of election software? I haven’t read the book, but looks like one a citizen should read.

For those that are interested, do the research and reach your own conclusions.



(OR) State of Oregon

Statewide voter registration system nickname: OCVR [Oregon Central Voter Registration]

State of Oregon placed on Black Box Voting Watch List Aug. 2009 due to hiring state elections director with history of obstructiveness to public observation. (See news article this section)

lw:...The question is, "When do you stop doing business with souls like Goldschmidt?"...

You stop when you no longer allow your ego to run your life.

Starbuck, I was around in Goldschmidt's so-called glory days. I remember standing on the plaza in front of the UofO Fishbowl as Neil gave his spiel in hopes of becoming student body president. My thoughts then were "he's a charlatan".

My question of "when do you stop doing business" was already answered for me. I'm just bewildered that others who knew even more in years past didn't stop doing his business. Then, even after his confession there are those still doing business with him. Our city and state has a moral dilemma.

Another disturbing aspect of many of the posts about this, and in the past, is how people give so much credit to one individual(Neil), and others, generally speaking. And for what they think are accomplishments that are now debatable. I knew several of the people that contributed, whether successful or not. But our society seems to strive to credit one or a few when it is collective.

The anti-thesis of "credit" should also be applied to the facts about Ms. Dunham, for all those even a small party to it.

"we would not trust anything the O published about Neil Goldschmidt"

I'd have to agree - Remind them of something like Neil is still selling grapes in McMinnville or that his BFF Imeson is still running Kitz' staff and it'll get pulled down very quickly.

"Sadly, it appears that much of her account is fabricated and I can only speculate as to her reasons." Neil Goldschmidt - 1 hour ago - Statesman Journal

I don't need to speculate Goldschmidt's reasons.

An old friend of mine is gone, and yet he continues to abuse her.

"Now if Goldschmidt can just find a name for the winery..."
"Statutory Grape" best consumed while immature. "We drink all wine before its time"

genop, you are evil . . . and brilliant. Unfortunately, I don't think many people are following this thread anymore so they'll miss out on your burst of wit.

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