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Sunday, January 2, 2011

The 'dogs of '11 have arrived

The big daddies of pro football will go at it again today, wrapping up their regular season and setting the stage for several rounds of playoff contests. In our charity underdog game, we compete to the end of the playoffs, three weeks away, but today could be a player's last chance to make a big move. Either Seattle or St. Louis will likely be a huge underdog next week, but who will be fool enough to bet on the worst team in NFL playoff history?

Anyway, let's not look past this week. Our players have made their calls, and here they are:

14.5 CAROLINA at Atlanta - Annie, Drewbob
10 CHICAGO at Green Bay - Ricardo, Biggest Cubs Loser, Andy
9.5 CINCINNATI at Baltimore - Bob, Jim, Paul, PJB
8 TAMPA BAY at New Orleans - Flowers by Dorcas, Flowers by Dorcas Husband, john dull, Bad Brad, Gordon, Larry Legend, Doug, Gary
6.5 ARIZONA at San Francisco - Sattelihu, Matt, Nick, AKevin, Hank, Eric
6 CLEVELAND vs. Pittsburgh - genop, Broadway Joe
4 OAKLAND at Kansas City - genop's gal
3 DENVER vs. San Diego - pdxmick

Our latest standings are here. It appears our top five players have all chosen different teams, and that should make for an interesting day. Enjoy the games, everybody.

Comments (2)

I'll say it: St. Louis at home would be tempting enough to get my honest pick next week. Young team, loud crowd, etc.

(Seattle ANYWHERE will not get my pick.)

I find it astonishing that there are so many good games on the TV today. Not the usual boring lineup we get in PDX.

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