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Monday, January 24, 2011

The City That Puts Up Signs

Because we're, like, really good at it:

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That "Warning Sewage" sign is just begging to be Photoshopped.

There could be gold in the river:

"The Regional Coalition for Clean Rivers and Streams is forming an online panel to share information about water quality issues in the Portland-Vancouver area. You can join the Clean River Panel online by submitting a brief, demographic survey. And when you join, the coalition enters your name in a raffle for a $500 prize."

Isn't this sign just outside city hall?

Close, but try Willamette Park.

It is always nice to know Oregon's largest water polluter is willing to warn you of the danger.

Don't forget the "Portland, Oregon" sign and the rose sign atop the Portland Water Bureau/Portland Rose Festival/Tom McCall's Restaurant/Portland Visitors Center/Waterfront Park structure.

Oh they are into signs, especially seems city likes (and I do not like) those small public information hearing signs regarding land use matters that have the information generally scotch-taped on, stapled, in essence with no regard for permanence. Most often the information is torn away, alas, not to be seen. More ways the city so much cares about the process.

Hey, we put birds on things and call it art.

Or so I've heard....

This sign should be in front of City Hall!

Can we eat white croakers at least?!?! ;)

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