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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Storm coverage continues

The ice may be melting, but the memory of the Great '11 Storm won't soon be fading in the minds of harried Portlanders battered by last night's brutal winds, snow, and freezing rain. Stay tuned to bojack.org StormCenter 9000.2 as we reflect on the wintry mix.

Plus, it's raining pretty hard -- there could be flooding! Particularly in low-lying areas near bodies of water. We'll have complete team coverage as the weather continues.

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And it will be weeks before Maintenance will be able to retrieve all the gravel they laid down. What a storm. Hope everybody is OK...check on your elderly neighbors as they may have been shut in for too long and run out of medicine and supplies.

The horror! The horror!

Will someone PLEASE think of the bike lanes?

One thing about a weather crisis like this: It really puts things in perspective.
Yesterday, I was worried about the bills and sad about the Ducks. This morning, I'm just grateful to be alive.

I miss the old school "Power of 2" double helicopters! Nothing says strong journalism like more choppers! They are really going to have to fail their way hard into something more inane than that. But I think they can do it. Maybe 3 helecopters, a "wintery mix", and a "shots fired in SE Portland" just to be sure.

But remember while the Power of 2 had two helicopters, one was used to cover the news and other to transport Christmas trees.

It was so awful this morning - it was 43 degrees, and I barely made it into work.

Has PBOT exhausted its allotment for snow removal?

the Power of 2 had two helicopters, one was used to cover the news and other to transport Christmas trees.

No, it wasn't! Didn't you listen to Paul Linnman at 6:30? He insisted at the top of the newscast that the second helicopter did not belong to KATU!

(Of course, that's NOT what the noon news anchor said...)

Jet Ranger 1 and Jet Ranger 2!

It's so uplifting to see that somebody actually gets the stupidity of things!

Or better yet, the news organizations could be mature enough to just report the facts and avoid the hype. It's more than overblown, it is silly.

NEWS is boring. I'll watch hype all day!

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