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Monday, January 17, 2011

SoWhat gets official boat

As Portland gears up for the groundbreaking of the riverfront greenway planned for the city's South Waterfront District, city commissioner Nick Fish today unveiled the official boat of the district -- the S.S. Homer Williams. "This is the perfect capstone to the development of the city's vital new neighborhood," Fish told reporters. He also pointed out that the watercraft has applied for triple-LEED platinum certification.

When not being used for ceremonial purposes, the vessel will double as part of the city fire bureau's new fleet of rescue boats.

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Well, I don't know about you, but I think the South Waterfront looks just dreamy!

Until I looked in detail, and reralized Jack, that your tounge was planted firmly in your cheek, I thought thatl, in the context of the old "Happy Days " tv sit com, SoWhat and the City had finally "jumped the shark".

The official SoWhat boat indeed.

I didn't realize that anything Homer ended up touching ended up above water.

Doesn't someone have to live there for it to be a "neighborhood?"

Sister ship to the Titanic!

Another questionable design for that area since it disobeys the first rule of interaction with the much-abused Willamette, reinforced by the futile Bureau of Environmental Services every heavy rainfall: Don't go near the water!

You guys must be hoaxing me. Jack's and Bad Brad's images are totally contrary to what Vera said was going to happen down there..."Maybe there'll be three tall building down there".

Homer's sinkings are numerous: Bend, Forest Park, buildings in The Pearl, SoWhat's John Ross, Block 49 Low Income Housing, etc.

I believe it was also Vera that said the tram would be Portland's Eiffel Tower.

(Then it got jammed through anyways at some 400% cost overrun despite two public referendums that voted to stop it before it ever got off the ground - pun intended.)

But, that's water under the bridge now.

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