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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Sam Adams Twitter block update

At this hour, we are still blocked from following Portland Mayor Sam Adams's Tweets on Twitter.

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I knew you should have taken that ride-along offer.

Can't unblock from the work computer, because that would be considered personal use. Used to be able to do it at home, but since the free wireless thing went away, Internet is tough to come by. And it's impossible to alter controls from the Blackberry.

You're gonna have to wait until he gets a few minutes to swing by the library. Maybe this weekend. Assuming he's in town.

I gotta say, Jack-- you and I rarely agree about much, and we've had a spat or two on this blog in the past-- but just by virtue of you getting shanked by Sam Adams, my respect for you has at least doubled. =)

Are not the mayor's Tweets public record? You should make a public records request to his office -- every day.

Raises some very 21st century transparency questions. Those tweets are clearly covered by FOI rules, but I think they get to decide how and when to give you the info and in what form. Plus they get to charge you for cost of providing it. Bad pols use all that to prevent critics from keeping up with what they are doing. A very interesting FOI question to pose would be a list of all FOI and informal requests received, what for, the delay involved, and the cost charged. Bets that some inquiring citizens are more equal than others when it comes to obtaining the same information? Bets that some inquiring citizens get forced into the FOI process and others do not, depending on...?

Last line of Chinatown:

"Forget it, Jake. It's Chinatown."

Forget it, Jack. It's Stumptown.

I can't imagine this is even legal, given that he rather transparently conducts city business (responding to complaints about a downed traffic sign, for example) on his twitter account.

Are not the mayor's Tweets public record? You should make a public records request to his office -- every day.

Make that every 7 minutes.

Good line, Geoffrey.

But you know, the Owens Valley water grab that was the basis of the true story on which Chinatown is based, was later reversed because of the environmental activism that went on in the early 1970s to restore Mono Lake in central eastern California. Now LA is draining the Colorado. Things do change, although it seems human nature-all the good and the bad-remains the same.

Forget it, Jack. He's an idiot.

What's in a tweet? That which we would call a pr hack by any other name would still sound like a politician's bleat. (Apologies to Willie S.)

What about the public tweeting law?

Is it possible to have a Twitter account without being an attention whore?

It isn't really fully accurate to say that Adams is petty; what he is is somebody who isn't above being petty. That is, it is deployed specifically to take advantage of an opportunity where most people will be unwilling to step into the uncertainty and hostility of engaging in a fight over some trivial thing — it's just easier to give him a pass and let him have his way. And the personalities that do this learn early (and those around them learn too late) that little victories add up.

I think most people may feel that it is insulting to one's own dignity by getting confrontational over these sorts of petty, territorial gestures. It's true, it is. But I think it's important to call out the people who operate this way and force them back when you can. As the old saying goes, It doesn't make any sense until you realize that the stakes are so low.

Twitter has ruined my grammar.

I'm pretty sure you have to certify that you are an under-18 male to be a Sam Adams Twitter Follower.

A real Politician like Terry Schrunk would of never ever tweeted.

It is better to have loved and lost ..... Ah, Jack... I hardly knew yah!

Funny: he's following me, and I'm nobody.

TTR, he thinks you look mighty cute in them jeans, boy.

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