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Monday, January 3, 2011

Sam Adams blocks me from following him on Twitter

Here's a good one -- I've been blocked from following the Tweets of Portland's mayor!

Wow, 2011 is going to be even more fun that I thought it would.

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That right there is pretty dang awesome.

Love to know which of his PR geniuses is responsible!

I think we're going to find out.

You've achieved a level of coolness that the rest of us only dream of. I would follow him for you, except that would mean I would have to read his tweets.

I would think since his tweets are taxpayer funded he couldn't legally cut anyone off. Sue him Jack.

Thank you -- interesting work-around.

I don't get why they would block you. All you have to due is create another twit acct and you are golden. Bad PR to say the least.

This from the city that values process and community involvement. Quelle horreur!

It gets worse -- not only can't I follow him, I'm "not authorized to see this [his] status."

Probably on command from his Weiner (Mark).

It is sad that you are cut off from all of that earthshaking wisdom, though. Does he have an official policy of shutting out all who disagree with him? That's a very Dubya-esque policy, and certainly in keeping with his meanspiritedness.

I agree with Mr. Benton above... unless this is his personal account paid for out of his own pocket, I would think he can't block a taxpaying citizen unless you've been convicted of harrassment or similar.

I REALLY hate twitter but this REALLY funny.....

You may be crushed Jack, but this may very well mean he doesn't care much for you.

It's quite possible he can't tolerate or even hates you.

Yep that's the ticket.

And his banning you is a hate crime.

He just started following me about a week ago. I'm very pleased with not being a City of Portland resident. I considered blocking him but then he might miss some of my wisdom. :/

I know Sam has a reputation for being small-minded and vindictive, but that is really beyond the pale.

It really makes we wonder what else he is capable of, in terms of harassment. Be on the look out for unmarked cop cars outside your house, and be careful.

Oregonian blocked me several years ago. Haven't let me back in. Never used off color language, racist terms, and etc. Guess it's a free market out there.

Or. rather collusive gatekeepers like to parcel out the public judgments, but hold themselves immune from public critique.

To replace the John Kroger count, I think you should do an over/under on SamAdumbs' 2011 tweet count.

If he has time to fiddle with his phone every fifteen minutes, maybe he doesn't have enough to do? On second thought, someone get him another phone!

You don't want to know where his other hand is.

Well, that's pretty dang funny, I just signed up for a Twitter account in your honor. I'm now @JackBogFollower and anxious to see Hizzoner's next tweet.

Anna Griffin has some interesting thoughts on the matter.

Like Phil, I just signed on Twitter--as @jackbogfollowr2. Let's start a trend!

I hope some attorneys that post here helps Jack sue the city, any staff responsible and the Twit himself. Time for a Twitter War!

See, no matter what, you've touched people's lives and made a difference.

What the hell? Maybe an email campaign to the DBs at city hall would be in order? Seriously, a city twitter account blocking a city resident without a restraining order. D*****baggery of the highest order.

It's actually more funny than anything else. And pitiful.

I hope you can still get the twitter feed of the Portland Loo.

Note that Sam has replied to Jack:


Not to me he hasn't.

And contrary to the statement you have linked to, I was successfully following Adams for quite a while until I was blocked. The guy either can't get the facts straight or can't tell the truth. Very scary.

Ah, yes, a little game of hide and tweet then, Sammy? You pusillanimous twerp.

It's both, Jack.

OK, so this is sort of a side point, but I notice from the screen shot in this post that Mr. Adams describes himself as:

"focused on public safety, education, jobs and economic development, arts, transportation, planning and sustainability"

This is a pet peeve of mine, common in vacuous manager types (in both private and public sector) as well as many politicians of all stripes. How can one person really be "focused" on EIGHT different things?

I'm sure this is meant, of course, to convey that each of these things is important to the Mayor -- but it inadvertently reveals that with attention spread across so many areas, none of those "important" issues is likely getting the attention it properly deserves.

Of course, I'm sure our host (and many readers) could identify a few of those 8 items that maybe Mr. Adams could "unfocus" on in order to better serve the citizens of Portland... :-)

Pet peeve of mine: missing an Oxford comma in that bio! And that sentence, in particular, needs one!

David Wright: . . .Of course, I'm sure our host (and many readers) could identify a few of those 8 items that maybe Mr. Adams could "unfocus" on in order to better serve the citizens of Portland... :-)

In my opinion, he is primarily focused on getting re elected, and uses these buzz words and his office to promote himself.

Just today read a national thread on where the administration's focus is on the polls and what will get them re elected.

No wonder our country, state and city are in a world of hurt, is there anyone who is interested in the public good, financial accountability, solving problems and serving the citizens
. . . or is getting re elected their primary focus and job?

Maybe you should try being nicer to him :)

Ahh twitter. Given the esteemed Mayor's past (restroom) history, this cartoon seems even more appropriate than usual.


(naughty language in said cartoon fyi)

Pet peeve of mine: missing an Oxford comma

Like this old chestnut: "I dedicate this work to my parents, Ayn Rand and God."

At least Jack, he's not sending the police after you...yet.

You are better off.

I wouldn't consider this an insult at all Jack.... Mayor Sam Adams is very selective in who he interacts with on Twitter anyways he has a little "elite" group of people he will reply or retweet or even acknowledge.

Am I a bad person for bringing up the term "butthurt" when discussing the Mayor?

It is distressing to learn that on top of all the reckless fiscal policymaking, our mayor is a petulant child in the guise of a 50-year-old man (although that may be an explanation for all of the lying).

At least an increasing number of voters are aware of the guy's lack of fitness for office, though. What do you think, Portland -- can we elect an adult next time? Preferably one with a modicum of education?

I don't know, Jerry. It looks like Sam learned some really good lessons from the Baghwan Rajneesh back in the Eighties. Flood the city with hipsters, and have them vote for him. By the time they become disillusioned with their feckless leader, he'll probably move on to another game. (And did anybody ever clean up the mess in Rajneeshpuram/Antelope?)

Not sure if this will post as, ironically, I'm frequently banned from this site:

"Over on his cranky blog, Jack Bogdanski is complaining about how Mayor Sam Adams blocked him on Twitter.

That is a pretty dumb move on the part of Adams' office, but Bogdanski shouldn't whine about the tactic. After all, he's the one who blocked the Mercury news teams' computers from his site back in 2007. What goes around, comes around."

TTR, Rajneeshpuram (Big Muddy) is now a YoungLife evangelical Christian camp.

The Mayor has blocked me for many months.

The Mayor has blocked me for many months.

Is that what they're calling it now?

"Mayor Sam Adams indicates he is trying to resolve the technical issue."


Representative Jefferson Smith Does Adams One Better

Representative Jefferson Smith assigns his staff to not only intercept his email but to respond using his official email address, implying Smith's imprimatur. There is no evidence that Representative Jefferson Smith has ever seen email addressed to him much less sanctioned his staff's responses.

Smith's staff writes, often as though it were Smith, that it doesn't like to be bothered with ideas, opinions or facts that are unpleasant nor from anyone who can't prove they are a constituent.

The First amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America not only guarantees American citizens free speech but also the right "to petition the government for redress of grievances." This means that elected officials are not required to respond to or even read, listen or view citizen communications. But it does mean that elected officials cannot preemptively stop citizens from contacting them by any means, be it by visit, phone, package, letter, email or marching in front of their offices.

Despite the fact that Jefferson Smith's mother, Meredith Wood Smith, is the head of the Democratic Party of Oregon, and his father, Joe Smith, is a long time politico and lawyer, apparently important parts of Jefferson's political, constitutional training and staff management skills were overlooked in his education.

Pleas to Smith's parents to protect their son from embarrassment or worse from his unsupervised staffer's behavior were to no avail.

Smith's father, Joe, Chair of the DPO 3rd congressional district committee, has blocked access to his DPO email account to at least one or more persons interested in political communication. Several Multnomah county Democratic Party officers also use email blocking as a technique to avoid facing the potential of ideas challenging the party line and status quo.

Smith's mother, Meredith Wood Smith, while accepting emails, has failed to respond to any inquiry, request, idea and opinion that relates to the failure of the DPO to have any serious influence on legislative debate and decision making regarding a Single-Payer health care solution to Oregon's moral and economic health care crisis, for the past and future legislative sessions.

The apple does not fall far from the tree.

Heh... try getting a hold of John Kitzhaber... he stopped using Twitter right after his win... he does not respond to e-mail or phone anymore.

So the Adams camp is trying to disguise this as a technical issue now. That's utterly pathetic and false and they'll be lucky if Twitter doesn't slap them for libel and slander about the Twitter product. It could happen.

Problem solved.

Posted by Garage Wine | January 3, 2011 5:04 PM

Don't know if being blocked by the Mayor is really a "problem."

I would think since his tweets are taxpayer funded he couldn't legally cut anyone off. Sue him Jack.

Posted by John Benton | January 3, 2011 5:01 PM

Seems like if you're going to be a Mayor w/ a Twitter feed where you discuss city business, blocking citizens is a risky gambit for you as a person and for the City you represent. Wonder if the recognition of that fact has anything to do with the eventual "it's Tweetdeck's fault" response. Interesting that Tweetdeck would spontaneously block one particular person; seems more likely he blocked you and can't figure out how to fix his mistake.

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