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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Sad, sad message

Ralph Nader once again gets it right. But there's nothing anybody can do about it. The corporations and their greedy executives win; the middle class loses; and nobody from either party can be trusted.

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Chomsky and Nader (with their ambiguous, at times) arguments about corporate crimes propagated against citizens are two remaining voices worth each and every persons time. Hand basket, meet hell.

"nobody from either party can be trusted." You speak as if there are only two parties.

Why not give serious consideration to the alternatives: the Libertarian Party, The Green Party, The Constitutional party, etc.

Luckily, Sam Adams, the vocal "buy local" guy, is leading efforts to stem the tide of large corporate economic control:


I've got an idea. Why not locate it on West Hayden Island? Win-win!

You speak as if there are only two parties.

That's because there are only two parties. The rest are fringe sideliners that will never amount to anything serious. They just dont have the corporate financial backing that runs this country.

As long as we stick to winner-take--all plurality elections, were screwed because plurality inevitably Produces duopoly politics. The key to changing Our situation is changing the rules to use proportionAl representation for legislative races, even if only for Lower houses, and instant runoff voting for executive, Single winner races.

Until we change the DNA of the system, it will continue to produce the monsters the dna is currently coded for.

America has been a plutarchy for over 120 years--for most of its existence, and now more than ever. But "democracy" sounds more positive and easier to pronounce. The Romans, at least, knew who called the shots and acknowledged who made the rules of the game; in America, the mass delusion that somehow there's a strong "democratic" governmental system resists even the most persistent and painful realities.

I might buy into the 'ordinary people can't change politics' line had the Tea Party not have been so successful. Of course, we still have yet to see if the Tea Party candidates elected lose their souls in DC (I'm not holding my breath expecting much from them).

The problem with the left is they have no message, no 'one ideology' in common, aside from a bigger, further reaching, more expensive government, paid for by higher taxes. Not much to rally around, is it?

Jon:That's because there are only two parties. . .

How about only one party now, as the R's and D's merge playing "two party" games. We are left floundering and now may be the time to move away from this system.

Joey:The problem with the left is they have no message, . . .

Consider this. The left message has essentially been banned from MSM. They have had huge rallies against the war machine and MSM does not cover it, as one example. Higher taxes would not be needed if billions were not dropped continually for the wars, bailouts, etc.

The Tea Party has been hugely covered, and will be as long as it is in line with what the corporate controlled media wants to cover.

I believe that division is wanted with left and right pointing at each other as scapegoats, etc.

In any event, much propaganda is in play now.

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