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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Puppy love

Compared to yesterday's gigantic upset of the Saints by the Seahawks, today's pro football action seems a little tame. But interesting nonetheless. Here are the players in our charity underdog pool who picked today's games:

2.5 KANSAS CITY vs. Baltimore - PJB, Michael K.
2.5 GREEN BAY at Philadelphia - Bad Brad, john dull, AKevin

Good luck, players. Enjoy the games, everybody.

Comments (4)

The run by Lynch is right up there with Ken Griffey Jr's base-running play from first to beat the Yankees back in the day. That touchdown could have been the greatest sports play in Seattle history.

Go Chiefs! Packers should prevail over Eagles today, but Vick's story is fascinating, compelling. Eagles defense may be the difference, if the cold weather isn't a fumble factor or a kicking crazor.

3 of 4 underdogs have prevailed this weekend. Last game in play.

Jack has a lot of math to do before it's all over.

That's what Excel is for. But Baltimore was the favorite.

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