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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Portland police's new drug testing deal

News reports tell us that the contract that's being presented to the Portland police union members has a random drug testing provision in it. Anything on that front is progress, but one wonders how serious the proposed testing program is. Random -- but announced in advance? And why not also immediately after any on-duty firing of the officer's gun, or any situation in which the officer has killed someone by other means?

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Will they be "testing" for 'roids?

Probably as serious as MLBs steroid testing. I just don't see the union giving in and no one will stand up to them.

The biggest irony of all... the cops use the fact they fear drug crazed bad guys as their prime excuse for shooting to kill. Meanwhile, should the citizenry not fear drug crazed cops? Oh wait, the usual rules never apply to badges.

as the taxpayers who pay for the police services, are there no ways to force or demand random testing for police officers who are employed by tax payers? if you know the answer to this question, please respond.

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