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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Portland cops can't stop shooting

There goes another one.

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Maybe we should start a charity pool on cop shootings. One for the total of the year and one for the shortest period between shootings (probably already happened) and one for the longest period between shootings. The proceeds could go to a local mental health org.

New toys for Christmas?

Remember the good old days when cops just beat people up with nightclubs instead of the current frightened for their life shoot them dead response?

Then there was the gent who was holding a woman at knife point in Salem that only wanted the Cops to shoot him.

REmember when most people farmed? Remember when most people knew their neighbors? Remember when peace officers were respected? How would you like to go to work everyday feeling disrespected and unsure of public opinion? And then haVe to risk your life on top of it? Sorry but I've just heard too many Rez stories lately of the incredibly hard job they do. Portland is no longer the small insular place we all wish it was.

Early reports say the guy killed today was advancing on officers with a large knife. I'm not sure what the police are supposed to do, especially when they Taze the guy and it doesn't stop him. Do people think the police should get stabbed or shot? Being a police officer on Portland is a thankless job, can't please anyone I guess.

You would think that word would get around Weirdville that advancing on PPB officers with a knife isn't going to end well.

Yeah, death penalty for mental illness! Thin the herd.

Whatever you do, don't get back in your squad car and call in somebody with mental health training. Just kill the guy and go to Starbucks.

Unfortunately Mister Tee, word has gotten around. An easy way out for those poor souls who wish to leave us. A tough road ahead for those forced to take a life.

According to a man on KGW who claimed to be a friend of the slain man, he was a homeless veteran. I think this last incident is more a sign of a dysfunctional health system than of trigger-happy police officers. It's sad that those whose minds and bodies were ravaged in the defense of our country are now dying as threats to society.

Talking works so well...

Springfield, OH

"Police officers were trying to talk to the shooting suspect when he fired on them from inside a trailer, and a German Township officer was wounded in an exchange of gunfire, Kelly said. "

One officer killed, another wounded.

The results of talking

mp97303 that is an inapt comparison. First of all, that individual had already shot and killed one officer and was barricaded in a trailer. Unless the police are going to blitz the trailer (and possibly kill innocents inside), talking in that situation was the only solution.

And if the police could call someone in with mental health training, what are they supposed to do when the subject tries to kill the mental health specialist, because it will happen. This isn't a problem with the police, it's a problem with the misguided priorities of horrible people like Mayor Creepy and the rest of the council of idiots...plus our state "leaders" like Gov. Retread who have gutted our mental health system in favor of stupid toys like condos and light rail.

At this point, it's either cops and the innocent being killed or the criminal crazies...hate to put it that way, but it's the truth.

One wonders how the UK manages with their gunless police!



They manage quite well, with their very well armed forces.


And that link proves what? That a small fraction of UK authorities have guns?

Read the first sentence of your link: "Within the British Police, officers are not routinely armed."

As it is, there are 6,780 authorized "firearms officers" in the UK. That's fractional.

To continue, there are 144,353 police officers in UK and Wales. Of those, 6,780 are authorized to carry firearms. That's less than 5%.

And, interestingly:

"79% of [British] police officers said they were not in favor of being routinely armed."

...and yet...

"39% had been threatened with firearm, knife or other weapon in the previous two years."

Reading between the lines, they were able to de-escalate those situations (and largely maintain their desire not to be armed).

While US gun fetishism won't ever allow our police to go unarmed, one could hope that trigger-happy police (or their trainers?) might take lessons from police forces where guns are not routinely used or wanted.

It's Britain. Bloke pulls a gun, you offer him tea and your sincerest apologies and you go prancing down the lane hand-in-hand. "I'll take two shugs in mine!"

Good point, db! But as an Englander, I gotta say, things aren't all peaches and roses, what with the most prolific serial killer in history:


"Gov. Retread", not bad. Dr./Gov. Rerun is my favorite still. Though Dr. No should now be Dr. Never say Never Again. He's got his girlfriend, Pussy-cat Galore too.

"Reading between the lines, they were able to de-escalate those situations (and largely maintain their desire not to be armed)."

Or they called in the heavies aka SpecialBranch/SO13/swat or whatever who do have the guns.

UK cops don't really have to be armed though as they pretty much banned all civvy/royal subject owned guns. Now they want to ban knives. See, that would have worked here right?

PPB, 2 for 2 in 2 days. Happy New Year!

Whatever you do, don't get back in your squad car and call in somebody with mental health training. And while you are waiting in the Squad Car let him kill the next person walking by.

I don't know if this shooting is justified or not, but just think of how much money we have for streetcars and MAX and how little we have for schools or mental health.

BTW - Randy's hey-boy Reese and Sam's picture on the morning O instilled me with new pride about Portland.


This is an open invitation to go out on a ride-a-long. Just let me know what works for you.

It seems like tasers and bean bag rounds do not work much. There must be some more reliable method of subduing some disturbed person than shooting them down. If not, get rid of the useless, probably spendy, hardware.

From an organizational psychology perspective, it is a butt-simple problem. People do what they are rewarded for. So, given the stigma in the larger society, there must be some honking huge rewards going on somewhere. Make the rewards for resolving these things safely for all involved greater than the rewards for the needless killings and things will start to change. Until then, no chance.

Bets that our elected will figure any of this out? Not holding my breath.

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