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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Planners' dream

Millions of people are coming here... any minute now... it's time to build the condo bunkers... "smart" growth... density... for the earth... for the children... honest...

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Not to forget the Manhattanites are coming, the Manhattanites are coming.

Worse yet is that when the hype that was the fuel for the expectations of growth, and so on, vaporized - the proponents continue on self-fueled on the fumes of the past hype and possibly their political and economic greed.

Best line in that article...

The government target is not clear and policy is incoherent,'

That should be the slogan on city vehicles in Portland.

How about an inventory of empty units and houses in our area before we continue building more??

Furthermore, why should we destroy our quality of life now for what only "might" happen 50 years from now??

What makes anyone think that with the financial ruin around us, that people will come in here in droves? Double water rates sure won't help the job situation, what companies will leave or not even consider coming into an area of financial mismanagement and debt?

In my opinion, this is just a fantasy dream.
Quite frankly, propaganda that has been used on our population for what purposes?
Mayor would much rather we focus on his workshops for 2040 than look at the reality of what is in front of us right now.

Too think how it would be if they only had the foresight to have built some streetcars and sharrows!

I think I can make out the South Waterfront in a couple of those photos!

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