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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

One if by E-file, two if by TurboTax...

Because of a District of Columbia holiday (I believe it's Marion Barry Hotel Bust Day), the IRS has announced that tax returns won't be due this year until April 18. That leaves taxpayers across the country three extra days to wrestle with their consciences tax forms.

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Marion Barry Hotel Bust Day

An interesting model -- big city mayor prone to excess invited to hotel room unable to resist opportunity for rendezvous with old flame, FBI supplies cocaine and booze, tapes episode for posterity, followed by arrest, trial and subsequent conviction pushing mayor out of office.

Well, I guess if we can put off government work and community meetings because The Best College Football Team Money Can Buy is playing in the championships on Monday and anything else might interfere (front page, today's Oregonian), the IRS can do what it jolly well pleases. Wait. They do that anyway.

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