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Monday, January 17, 2011

Nuts to you

From them.

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“This looks fun and it looks pretty,”

We live on a family farm. Often, guests make the same comment. While it looks charming and quaint, it's an amazing amount of work. Since we also have livestock, it's impossible to leave for vacation without preplanning every detail. So much for spontaneous living. Everything comes with a price, I guess.

Hated picking filberts as a boy, but loved the nut. As a picker I couldn't afford to eat them (walnuts were miserable to pick)

Life when on and when as an adult I found I could buy them shelled and by the pound I went crazy.

Indeed, I married a woman whose maiden name was filbert.

My husband wants chickens. All I see is a pile of work running around on 2 legs.

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