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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Lars Larson turns up as Exhibit A in hate mongering debate

It will be interesting to hear if Mr. Gun tones it down tomorrow. Somebody else listen to him and let me know; I'll have talk radio turned off all week. [Via Jeff Mapes.]

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"We don't yet know who shot Giffords or why. It may have nothing to do with politics."

Indeed. Day old info in that link.

The criminal complaint filed against Loughner:


From page 5:

""On January 8, 2011, a search warrant was executed at 7741 N. Soledad Avenue in Tucson, Arizona, where LOUGHNER resides. Some of the evidence seized from that location included a letter in a safe, addressed to "Mr. Jared Loughney" at 7741 N. Soledad Avenue, from Congresswoman Giffords, on Congressional stationary, dated August 30, 2007, thanking him for attending a "Congress on your Corner" event at the Foothills Mall in Tucson. Also recovered in the safe was an envelope with handwriting on the envelope stating "I planned ahead," and "My assassination" and the name "Giffords," along with what appears to be LOUGHNER's signature."

Lars is pro gun rights but when it comes to changing politics he almost always reminds folks to work within the system. Guns can always be had by those with bad intentions.

But the whole event is horrible.

These hate mongers need to be held accountable for the vitriol they spew. I am personally going to ask my local radio station to stop airing Rush Limgaugh. We are ALL Americans!

It will be interesting to see how the right wing radio heads play this. They never apologize for anything, but in this case failing to do so will hurt them.

To see that sheriff on TV calling them all out tells me the tide is turning.

You are unbelievable. But, yet, so you.

That you would somehow try and distinguish yourself from those who spew hate and discord to large, very persuadable audiences is one of the largest leaps of logic you have made since starting your blog.

I have been on the receiving end of your "followers" vitriol after some of the misrepresentations or outright falsehoods are published about me by you, Jack. Always pretty ugly stuff and usually directed at the poor person answering the phone in my office. Occasionally, your readers contact me directly with email. Always mean...just as you like them.

You are part of the hate culture, Jack. Stop trying to divert attention from who you really are by making a scapegoat of Lars or others of your ilk.

Wow. Just the thought of you playing the victim is hilarious, Randy.

Although your argument has some surface appeal, there are some big differences here. For one thing, I don't believe private gun ownership should be legally protected. I also abhor violence, and that includes vicious violence by the police. Moreover, I don't dispute the legitimacy of your office, or believe you to be un-American or un-Portland. I don't put targets or gunsights on you.

I do advocate voting you and Sam Adams out of office as soon as possible, because you are ruining Portland. Many people agree with me, and the numbers are growing. Perhaps that's what's really bothering you.

I also find your antics highly susceptible to parody -- they're almost self-parody already. As a consequence, I can't resist poking fun. Surely you're not against fun. After your several careers in politics, I thought your skin was thick.

Anyway, this blog is always open to your comments. If you find something that's written here to be out of line, you're always welcome to point that out.

That comment by Firehose Randy is just another reason to vote him out of office asap! What a weirdo.

He's not a "weirdo." He has had enough time making his mark on Portland, however, and the city would be better off if he found other employment.

Its not my skin that is thin, Jack. You, however, may want to avoid paper cuts.

You don't disagree with people, you attack them personally, very personally. And when a personal attack isn't enough, you engage in name calling.

You create hostility towards those you choose to focus on. Your more enthusiastic readers click their cyber heels in unison and off we go on a "why I hate Government so much" rant that tears down any politician that is your favorite crook of the day or whatever other vitriolic tag that may roll off of your key board that day.

You more than anyone has worked to eliminate the possibility to have a civil debate in Portland on any one of a number of important issues we are always tackling.

You will attack me for writing this. It is what you do.

You use language that incites some of your readers to say horrible things. I have and will continue to hold you personally responsible for their reactions to your various clarion calls.for action.

Gee, Randy, who's painting the target on whom?

My biggest "clarion call" right now is for viable candidates to come forth to replace you and Adams. You guys have had your time, and forgive me for saying it, there's not a lot to show for it.

misrepresentations or outright falsehoods


Although it is certainly not my experienced perspective, perhaps to some elected's (meaning Randy's) point-of-view, there is no difference between those who call and contact (and threaten?) him after something LIARS said, and those who contact him after something appeared on bojack.

When either (causal) origin produces the same equally bad ugliness in assault on Commissioner(s) -- and don't misunderestimate how much wanton ugliness some impressionable 'activists' (acolytes?) are capable of -- then, as Commissioner(s) sees it, both 'origins' are equally bad.

Despite that the two (instigators) see themselves as not at all alike, totally different in their 'issues' and 'political concerns.' Maybe even criticizing each other.

Try this, Jack: Imagine what is the worst thing someone could have said (to Randy), or done, acting according to their interpretation of something they read on bojack. Especially if, as they said it or did it, they said 'bojack said so.' Imagine. Okay, imagine worse than that, worse than the worst thing you can imagine. Okay, what actually was said/done was worse than that.

and not at all what you might imagine it looks like from Randy's p.o.v.

Another piece of confusion is that LIARS quotes and references bojack, usually distorting the citation in the manner of LIARS sick and twisted (deficient) mentality -- certifiably sociopathic.

Someone hears LIARS 'voice in their head' ordering them to call/assault Randy. So they call.

They are ASHAMED to admit they heard LIARS, self-ASHAMED of being a listener of LIARS. So they say (without checking) that they 'got it from bojack,' since LIARS said it was there.

The piece of confusion is bojack being a pawn, a foil, for LIARS dirty work. The victim of the indecent caller doesn't hear LIARS caused it, because the caller says it was bojack.

Me thinks the Commissioner doth protest too much.
...with apologies to William Shakespeare

Stop trying to divert attention from who you really are by making a scapegoat of Lars or others of your ilk.

OMFG The only appropriate response to this defensive rant.

The AZ shooter who was, "Described by Classmates as a 'Left-Wing Pothead'..." was inspired by Lars and Sarah. That the story?

Boy does this ever expose Randy Leonard for the small man he is.


You're the ultimate hypocrite.

Your own hate speech attacking Lars rivals any on the radio or blogs.

Now you're pulling a ridiculous stunt blaming your pal Randy's problems with Jack as coming from the Lars' distortions of bojack.

Randy's problems are his own making. He a dishonest and manipulative politician deserving all of the criticism he gets from Jack, Lars, readers, callers and all the comments on news stories.

I'm sure Randy would like to see the newspaper comment sections shut down too.

If you;re going to make things up you should provide an example.

What has Lars ever distorted when he quotes and references bojack?

He usually reads directly from the bojack post.

As for this shooter. Someone said earlier,

" but that the words we use really do matter...they fall on the serious and the delirious alike."

Yeah sure but we don't know that any of the "words" fell on this shooter at all.
He may well have never listened to any talk radio or even been aware of the heated discussions that take place on the left and right wing airwaves.

If he was never subjected to that which the left decries as Right Wing hate speech is right wing rhetoric still to blame? Talk about twisted.
It's far more likely this deranged shooter subjected his own sick mind to the Internet and all it has to offer.
From that combination a countless array of motivations could emerge.

I listen to a lot of left wing radio and the vitriol is easily as severe as any Michael Savage talk.

So what?

Try as you might, this shooter is not a product of Rush or Lars. There is no blame to be shared by them and certainly nothing to tone down since neither has ever incited anything this shooter perpetrated.

As for who incites what, the two most vile callers on yesterday's Kremer and Abrams came from lefties. But they were callers to a radio show.

Am I to be concerned some Tre Arrows my have been listening?

For those who want to get riled up with the "blame the righties" BlueOregon has a hefty dose of hate.

Randy's rant is yet another perfect reason why he needs to be replaced on City Council. Randy is a bully that interrupts, screams at and uses his position of power to belittle anyone who disagrees with him. He is Sam's PR pitbull, protecting a pederast and the worst mayor we have basin decades. Remember the "F-bomb" he dropped on a citizen who questioned his support of Sam?

In my opinion, Leonard is no different than the Grizzlies, tea-partners and right- wing talk show hosts that behave in ways that incite vioence and hate. These types do not care about doing "good," they care about doing. It their way, as they are righteously right.

We need real leaders, people who can listen, weigh all the elements and sides and make make balanced decisions . Shooting from the hip and shooting down anyone that gets in their way is not the type of elected I want on City Council.

I love Commissioner Leonard's comment: "You more than anyone has (sic) worked to eliminate the possibility to have a civil debate in Portland on any one of a number of important issues we are always tackling."

1. Anytime anyone disagrees with Leonard, his entire tone is that you're ignorant, because he's always right.
2. Leonard's important issues seem to be duct tape, a neon rose and making sure that Merritt Paulson gets everything his heart desires.

Jack, are you sure that is the real Randy Leonard ranting on this board?

Sorry for the typos- IPhone
worst mayor we have had in decades.
incite violence and hate.
care about doing it their way.

That pretty much sums it up. On to 2012.

Randy Leonard said,
"You more than anyone has worked to eliminate the possibility to have a civil debate in Portland on any one of a number of important issues we are always tackling."

Commissioner Leonard, I disagree with your statement strongly. Jack's articles bring a different perspective to many issues. While I disagree with him on some of his posts, I do find his writings to be thought provoking. As a commissioner, you would do well to look at the long term consequences of the commission's decisions.

As the outgoing chairman of the Clatsop County Commission, I am proud of the ability to listen to all sides of an issue without taking personal pot shots at those that disagree with you. We've had our fair share of controversial issues, but I have always respected the right of citizens to actively disagree with me.

Jack's financial analysis of the issues Portland face are better than any you will read in the newspaper. He is providing a service to not only the citizens, but to you as well. I suggest you take them to heart.

Anthony- this is Leonard's MO and has registered and used his real name on many sites, including this one- meaning no one else can sign in using his name. He blogs late at night.

its unfortunate Bodanski doesn't see fit to actually publish the quote from Angle...which i still agree with.

but then Jack has apparently been too busy in his obsession with the teenage girls in the Palin family.

Jack, Neil and Sam...quite a grouping

Will Lars Larson observe the moment of silence?

Palin did it.

While I'm no fan of Randy Leonard, I agree with *part* of his argument.

Unlike some politicians and many commentators, Jack has NEVER advocated violence. However, many of his posts - and especially the comments they generate - seem to express a blind anger towards the "monoliths" of local government. The Portland Police. City and county officials. Planners. They're dangerous, immoral, selfish, stealing your money, etc. All of them. It's a drumbeat. Even the person creating content for a City webpage (a favorite recently) is targeted, regardless of the fact they're just doing their job.

When I've questioned this line of attack in the past, I'm dismissed, attacked or *accused* of being a public employee (gasp!), which I am not.

I started reading this blog daily in 2003-2004, but have visited less as the tone - from both the host and commentors - has shifted from sharp, insightful criticism to anger and generalizations. Much of what Jack writes today is like catnip for that always-angry, anti-government element within the Tea Party - the same folks who advocate "Second Amendment remedies." It seems that many here forget that the individuals they love to bash are indeed human beings, and while there are definitely bad eggs in the bunch, the vast majority are decent, hard-working people trying to do the best for their families and their community.

And while I don't think Jack should care how frequently *I* visit his blog, there is an obligation to be careful with language and to choose targets carefully. I think our community is best served when someone of Jack's intelligence, someone capable of sharp insight and compelling writing cannot be dismissed as an angry, one-trick pony.

Lars, what is that incoherent rambling?

Randy, I just googled this for you:

"A person with narcissistic personality disorder:

Reacts to criticism with rage, shame, or humiliation;
Takes advantage of other people to achieve his or her own goals;
Has feelings of self-importance;
Has unreasonable expectations of favorable treatment;
Requires constant attention and admiration;

If that's really Mr. Leonard, it sounds to me like bad Randy ought to go to bed, instead of to his computer, late at night. I suspect he'll wish he had, when he reads his rants this morning. While I would agree that Jack does not pull punches,(and I don't agree with a lot of his positions), I think he tries to keep the dialogue civil - something an elected official has an obligation to the public to do at all times. And if the worst thing Jack inspires is a nasty phone call to Leonard's office, well I'll take a First Amendment solution over a Second Amendment solution any day.

Today during ablutions I seized on a positive and inviting future activity: mama turtle of the Gun Control Tea Party Faction.

When and if Giffords pulls out of her coma, man, the gun control movement will be on.

No more guns for people whose favorite literature includes Mein Kampf, without yearly psychiatric evaluations, paid for out of their own fricking pockets...


Who "advocated for" 2nd amendment remedies?
Have you simply accepted that targets in political ads do so?
That's the mischaracterized spin designed to incite hatred for tea party people etc.

But one only need attend any local tea party types gathering of AFP or 912 groups to easily learn they are well behaved decent people involved in grass roots efforts to stop much of the same madness pointed out here on bojack.
How is it that because they organize and actually work to do something about our local problems they become some sort of threat?
They are no threat to anything except the horrible policies Sam Adams/TriMet and Metro are perpetrating.

As for "targeting"?


Daily Kos actually put a “bulls eye” (sic) on Gabrielle Giffords back in June of 2008:

But really all this talk about rhetoric by the right inciting violence is just nuts.

The fact that no one tried to harm GW, but for the shoe thrower, during 8 years of inciteful hate really shows how little "inciting" comes from our heated little discussions.

As sad as this current tragedy is, the heated discussions have only heated up.

No more guns for people whose favorite literature includes Mein Kampf,Das Kapital, the Communist Manifesto, or anything writter by Che, too,


Geez, people need to let the Tea Party thing go. It has come out that the shooter was an athiest, he listed the Communist Manifesto as a favorite book, and he was a 9-11 truther. That doesnt sound like the Tea Party to me.


your snark fails to admit that I never said no more guns. I said no more guns UNLESS a person insane enough to love Mein Kampf, autobiography of one of history's most infamous destroyers, PROVES to the rest of us that he/she is sane, on their own dime.

You know, some of us are tasked with reporting individuals to DMV who shouldn't be driving any more. You know, faltering brains shouldn't be behind the wheel of a car. because they might kill a couple of people.

But known crazies, they can have a gun, which can kill up to 40 people if things go their way.

Unbelievable, that we don't have a basic sanity-check for gun ownership. It just makes me want to emigrate.

And it absolutely drives me up the wall that the debate swirling now is about the Republican/Democrat divide. Sick, sick, sick.

This kid was crazy. Quite likely the early stages of paranoid schizophrenia. Sounds like anti-semitism mixed in. It actually doesn't have much to do with party politics at all.

As for his reading list, I've read many books associated with all kinds of ideologies. It doesn't mean I agree with them. It's how one broadens one's mind. His full list of favorite books just reads like a 22-year old who had some college philosophy and politics classes in his recent history.

Geez, people need to let the Tea Party thing go.

Loughton is being charged with assassination. It's not only fair and reasonable to examine the political climate in which he acted, it's the intelligent and responsible thing to do.

I don't get Lars comment about Jack focusing overly on the Palin daughters? I assume that's just a default attack even if it doesn't have any basis in reality?

Trying to equate the actions of a deranged gunment with anything Lars, Jack, or Sarah Palin may have said/blogged/mapped is pure lunacy.

Crazy people do crazy things: that isn't going to change if political observers dial back their rhetoric or tone.

Commissioner Leonard: you are a bully and a demagogue. Listening to you whine about the quality of political discourse (and to complain about about name calling) is like listening to Sen. Larry Craig lecture on privacy rights and the sanctity of marriage.

"gunment" should read "gunmen"...

And good on ya', Jeff Hazen, for taling about something that matters (Portland's looming financial crisis): Commissioner Leonard has devoted far more hours to MLS/Paulson than he has Portland's economic spiral down the drain.

What happened in Arizona was a tragedy and the gunman should receive whatever punishment the law allows.

A second potential tragedy is unfolding before our eyes, well illustrated by the interplay between Bogdanski and Leonard. Jack honestly believes right-wing radio is a bunch of hate that creates a toxic environment that gives rise to a tragedy like this. Leonard honestly believes Jack's commentary on this blog is just as hateful. Paulie Brading at Blue Oregon says that the phrase "job-killing taxes" is just as toxic. The left blames Sarah Palin and the Tea Party for the shootings. The right replies that the shooter was a "left-wing pothead." Who gets to decide which speech is toxic and which is not?

Words didn't shoot the congresswoman and the others; a nut with a gun did. This human tragedy should not be used by anyone as a blunt instrument to attack political opponents, which, unfortunately, is exactly what is happening. And if Congress enacts legislation to shut down people's exercise of their first amendment rights, the consequences to our freedom (and to civil discourse) will be even worse.

If you want to argue that gun control legislation would have stopped this, fine, argue it. I doubt it, but that's a legitimate argument. But to argue that your political opponents are saying "bad things" that creates a climate of "hate", that is just the same BS that has been used to justify governmental restrictions on people's freedoms for a long time. We need to be vigilent to keep it from happening.

Jack, are you sure that is the real Randy Leonard ranting on this board?

I'm sure that it's he. I had an e-mail exchange with him verifying that it was.

By the way, this unprofessional turd was actually deposited by the real Lars Larson as well. Tune in today for "Bogdanski's too chicken to come on my show." Another guy with a gun and an attitude.

I should say explicitly that I agree with you, Jack, in your (initial) view that LIARS in this 'market' (and other drone clones exactly like him in other 'markets') is the CAUSE -- the causal influence on impressionable minds and/or malformed minds, taking action; the more uninformed and impressionable, the more influence -- in the orchestrated and conducted carnage atrocity 'sales job' (for hate politics) being promoted wholesale and pitched broadcast in many markets. (Indeed, for the effort and expense being put into the Hate Politics ad campaign, it seems almost surprising not to see more 'takers' of the offer, (unhinged crazies), beyond the dozen or two dozen each year among 300+ million sales 'prospects.')

LIARS is in a lose-lose vise made of his own clueless hate-clone mental failure. If LIARS hate-talks for the murders -- "citizens have the Right to shoot" -- then he glorifies it as his own antisocial sickness. If LIARS stays silent -- "no comment" -- then he shows the shame he feels in his own guilty betrayal of public civility for his selfish 30 pieces of silver.

The third option is impossible: LIARS canNOT talk of peace and love against Hate Politics. He lacks the words that speak love; his brain does not work that way since the 'idea' never got 'wired together' in him. Which is the problem (mental failure) in the first place -- formative LIARS starved for love and never built a personal-held sense of love he could (know how to, feel to) extend to others.

Perhaps I have more measure and emphasis of the neurology component than you do, Jack, but we agree on the behavioral profile result: in this town, LIARS is Exhibit A of the Hate Politics sales team which hooked a buyer in Tucson this weekend.

And whatever LIARS says for his programming on the subject, today, is going to prove to demonstrate LIARS is a Loser. Damned if he does and damned if he doesn't. Hate Politics is a losing proposition bought into by Losers because all it offers is condemnation and damnation.

Also proven and demonstrated in rightwing Republican actions as the Party of 'NO', the Party of Condemn Everything, the Party of Damn All Progress Go Backwards to the way it was the last time they knew what was going on, held a position, got paid, and made a socially productive contribution.

Yeah, Randy's grouch surprised me, too, Jack, that he frames bojack beside LIARS included in Exhibit A. After I thought about it, I remembered that on very many occasions LIARS quotes bojack, (LIARS imagines it makes him sound smart and informed), with attribution. And while it is obvious to me and you, Jack, that LIARS is the top salesman of the Hate Politics poisoning so many communities, you might be less aware that it is your material, Jack, your research analysis and credibility that LIARS scoops up, then distorts through his twisted dysfunctional mental processes, and puts out there 'in the air' as Hate Politics for sale with 'bojack approved' branding on it ... less aware since, like you say Jack, your radio is turned off a lot.

But maybe you can understand the way Randy sees 'it' coming from bojack as equally as from LIARS.

... that's why he's called LIARS

READ this, and this.

The 'magic' incantation which will dispel LIARS is repeating these words: Media Matters dot ORG

Whenever someone says 'LIARS said,' then simply reply: "Media Matters dot ORG documents that LIARS is lying."

Call LIARS program and say Media Matters dot ORG finds you guilty, LIARS, and is pressing charges of illegal broadcast. Expect he will cut you off the air after the second word of that statement.

I'm going to chime in with Joey above....Jack you paint with too broad a brush....you target your criticism with a shotgun (metaphorically)....your blog reminds me of a tabloid at times...setting up the predictable targets of derision again and again.... especially with regard to bicyclists.....Jack you yourself do not advocate violence against bicyclists but many of your readers seem to relish the imagery of bicyclists bouncing off the hoods of cars cause they've done "something stupid"....you lump bicyclists in with "developers", "planners", "hipsters", whatever.....thus setting them up as targets of scorn at the very least......Many of your readers are worse and you do not discourage their open hatred for bicylists.

As a small step in the direction of civility I would ask that you try and think of that bicyclist as a person, a neighbor, a friend.....

Lars is quick to condemn people for being "too chicken" to go on his show.
Consider that Lars is a spineless weasel who didn't see fit to EVER put on a military uniform while banging the drum for every war imagineable, including Iraq and Afghanistant. Ahhh yes, a coward (and a liar) who carries a gun but then again wouldn't YOU carry a gun if YOU told lies on the radio several hours a day, every day of the week? And spare us the whining from arrogant bully Randy Leonard. Don't like the "attitude" around here Randy? Try NOT kissing the rear end of the Paulson's of this world and maybe people wouldn't be so quick to cop that attitude.

I don't advocate violence against bicyclists. I do, however, think that there are far too many irresponsible and arrogant cyclists out there, and that the city spends entirely too much time and money encouraging people to engage in an inherently dangerous activity. When the city and Earl the Pearl get out of the taxpayers' faces about bicycles on a daily basis, I'm sure the backlash will subside, and the number of posts on this blog about cycling will decrease.

Randy Leonard complaining about Jack is the pot calling the kettle black.

Leonard's problems have all come from hitching himself to Sam Adams during and after the Breedlove scandal. Leonard was too ignorant to realize he was being used by Sam to trash Bob Ball and he's become nothing but a bully on City Council. Those of us that have really worked closely around Sam know how he schemes and lies about everything and will use anyone to further himself.

Randy can't stand that Jack tells the truth and calls him out on behavior that is hurtful to the City of Portland.

Who is Randy Leonard?

“records show that Leonard's former wife sought a protective order against him in Clark County Superior Court. "Inflicting physical harm -- choking, pushing, kicking, verbal threats to hit, knock my teeth out, knock me out," Regina Leonard wrote in court documents after a July 1985 incident.....The court granted her two temporary protective orders between July 1985 and April 1986. In an interview, Regina Leonard said she stood by the accuracy of her claims in the court documents and said Leonard had been drinking at the time of the July incident.” Oregonian article, July 31, 2005 by Maxine Bernstein & Brent Walth

In the last couple of years, Ted Wheeler and Dan Saltzman have gone on the record calling out Leonard for the bully he his. It's comical to watch how the worst bullys cry like babies when someone like Jack even verbally tells it like it is.

Randy, please resign.

The left pointing at the right.
The right pointing at the left.

In my opinion, those above the fray may use this – mass media and propaganda moving us towards this – scapegoating at each other.

Look at the broad picture here, who is responsible, whose actions, whose decisions, have caused much of the angst whether on a local or national level?

Hope that such a tragic incidence as this, will not escalate further, the D and R divide.

Are you proposing that we let our officials run all over us without accountability? And we are not to voice our opinion? Some may be as you say blind with anger, however, many here know facts to support outrage over the agenda in this city!

In my opinion, employees at city hall may well be on our side, and cannot speak out. We have been told that businesses are reluctant, as Mayor and Leonard, etc. will retaliate, that they can and have.

Those who can be independent must speak out.

What are you suggesting? That we lay down when the alarm bell is ringing loud and clear that something is wrong?

You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you mad.
Aldous Huxley

I think I'll take my que on this "hate mongering" stuff from the father of the slain girl. He said in a Today Show interview:

"This shouldn't happen in this country, or anywhere else, but in a free society, we're going to be subject to people like this. I prefer this to the alternative."

If I had a bell
I'd ring it in the morning
I'd ring it in the evening ... all over this land,
I'd ring out danger
I'd ring out a warning
I'd ring out love between all of my brothers and my sisters
All over this land.

It's a bell of freedom
– Lee Hays and Pete Seeger, "If I Had a Hammer"

Well, you're right, Jack. "Hearing Mr. Tongue-trigger Gun Nut" is interesting today for its silence on the subject. LIARS is running scared, slinking tiptoe through the tick-tock minutes with his 'smoking gun' tail tucked shamedly between his guilty legs, aiming for the end of the day to run out the clock.

His daily dozen, drunk-in-the-afternoon callers from the Legion-like Hall & Bar, even they are silent, not calling in, scared of guilt by association to come on LIARS programming. The 'tell' is when LIARS calls OUT to twist someone's arm, cash a chit, to be a 'guest' strawman who LIARS insults, as a promotional marketing skit for Hate Politics. And no one calls in, on the call-in radio program.

Also notice regular years-long advertisers are not buying ad time on LIARS programming. Hemstreet's Shilo Inns and Les Schwab and Ron Tonkin stepped away from the crime scene years ago, now Standard TV & Appliance, Morlan Plumbing & Supply, Marquis Spa, and the 'big blue Volvo sign' -- you've heard them a thousand times -- aren't on anymore. I guess they 'don't have the guts to come get shady-stained while endorsing LIARS programming' anymore. Most commercials are 'in-house' barter-time ads for FOX Channel programs.

Odd, who LIARS did get an accepting embrace from -- air kiss, air kiss -- is House Speaker Democrat(NOT) Dave Hunt. Who EVEN agreed "to come on LIARS program every week!" Start the tracking poll 'favorable' numbers running downhill. Dave, (as LIARS smooched him), didn't get the memo, about toxic ingredients and diseased outcome in synthetic 'processed' food-4-thought such as LIARS programming is.

LIARS canNOT 'get' some voices to speak to him so he puts words in their mouth. So he 'gets' a headline quote, here -- Schrader: right-wing talk hosts helped fuel vitriol that led to shooting -- (which nobody gave him permission to re-sell for personal profit), and LIARS tries but fails to pitch Hate Politics over the top of ... over the top of the Congressman who is not even there to speak for himself and yet he still out-shouts LIARS ... right-wing talk hosts helped ... shooting. Truth wins out over LIARS.

"I prefer this to the alternative."

I wonder which alternative reality he was referring to, the hypothetical world where mentally disturbed Arizonans are not able to buy semi-automatic weapons, or the hypothetical world where right wingers take it upon themselves to not champion political violence?

LIARS says the shooter "went there with the intention of killing, and that makes him responsible, him alone" ... not The Voices who told him to do it.
And LIARS says the shooter "is insane, cuckoo, mentally ill."

So if his brain is dysfunctional, then WHERE did he get some intention from, a deliberate idea formed in his brain, his brain that doesn't work? Heard it on the radio maybe ...?

It is hand-waving nonsense to say the kid is a cunning criminal and the kid is mentally wacko. And to sort out which way it is, notice that the callers in Hate Politics radio sales and listeners who admit listening, mostly talk nonsense when you talk with them and mostly sound mentally wacko. He is one of Theirs -- a Hate Politics intern.

Tensk gone wild,

Your obsession with and depiction of Lars is whacked. Your imagination has taken over your ability to recognize reality.

Are you at a tipping point?

Where do you get stuff like this anyway?
It's laughable.

"LIARS is running scared, slinking tiptoe through the tick-tock minutes with his 'smoking gun' tail tucked shamedly between his guilty legs, aiming for the end of the day to run out the clock."

Tenskwatawa's writings do not admit to casual reading.

In the meantime:

"An unexciting truth may be eclipsed by a thrilling lie."
-Aldous Huxley

Thanks JS, for the link. The comments also link to this:


Vitriol is anything but the exclusive domain of the right.

you've heard them a thousand times

No, Tensky, you've heard them a thousand times. Many of us aren't comically obsessed with LIARS and awful talk radio.

Jack, isn't it great to know you have gotten under Randy Leonard's skin? If Leonard had any sense he would ignore you. By him posting here it only elevates and legitimizes what you are saying. BRAVO!

Randy has been a bully since his first run for public office. I wish I had saved the email exchange I had with him back then asking him why he deserved my vote. His replies pretty much ensured I'd never vote for him. He is very much a bully and very much an egomaniac.

As for gun control, I believe in responsible gun ownership. Back in the 70s when I lived in NY state, you had to be 21 (though the voting age had been lowered and 18 yols could be drafted) and pass an FBI background check that took 1-2 years(basically not being 21 would make you fail the background check is what I was told) before you could have a permit to own a handgun (this was not for concealed carry either). However, 18 year olds could buy shotguns, rifles and ammo. If you were not 18, you could not legally buy ammo or long guns.

In Oregon, the last I knew you had to just pass a background check to purchase a handgun from a dealer. No check for private sales. And for a fee, the background check is an insta check meaning you walk out with the handgun.

In Massachussetts gun ownership is very difficult to legally accomplish.

For reasons (except to say that I grew up hunting and fishing) that I won't get into on this blog, I do believe in the second amendment right to bear arms. However, I don't believe that right is any more unconditional than operating a motor vehicle. We don't let blind people drive because they are a danger. So there needs to be a better screening process for gun ownership that both efficient and well honed in terms of keeping guns away from the mentally unstable or those with a history of criminal behavior. So a licensing process that is consistent across the land should be set-up.

So Jack, Randy, Tensky and Lars walk into a bar......[paging Bill McDonald: please finish this joke before the thread disintegrates any further].

Quoting Pancho "So Jack, Randy, Tensky and Lars walk into a bar...."

And Lucifer walked over to them and asked who wants to make a deal.....

(This reminds me of a drunken round robin writing game we used to play in college - who gets the next line?

It was a steel bar. Tensky bangs his head and starts screaming about LIARS.

Jack and Lars discover they're alot alike and have a beer together.

Randy and Tensk throw a tantrum together claiming Lars brainwashed Jack.

I quote from Randy's rant:
"You create hostility towards those you choose to focus on. Your more enthusiastic readers click their cyber heels in unison and off we go on a "why I hate Government so much" rant that tears down any politician that is your FAVORITE CROOK of the day.........."

Randy said it himself, "Favorite Crook" It devolves into the operative basis for this blog.
Thank goodness someone is looking over the "Crook's" shoulders.

This is making my head hurt...

I missed Randy's crook comment but it brings to mind this little clip:


But does Randy welcome public examination? Me thinks not.

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