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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Kroger to Kulongoski: Beat it, Grandpa, I'm next

Oregon's attorney general has rejected its outgoing governor's request for independent counsel in the ongoing investigation into an award of state Energy Department contract work to the incoming (returning) governor's girlfriend.

Outgoing Guv had told the AG that he thought outside counsel was needed because based on facts that Outgoing Guv had learned, the AG had a "perceived conflict of interest."

Guess it's time for Outgoing Guv to tell us all what that conflict is.

Comments (4)

I'm floored, flummoxed, flabbergasted even.

The way these clowns operate, you never know what's real, what's posturing, what's just plain vindictiveness.

And that "conflict of interest?" See paragraph 2. For sure, Ted will never address the issue. It would require specifics and that's something he's not very good at.

Come to think of it, is there anything he IS good at? Besides holding office, that is?

What a creep. But that's just being redundant.

What a petty, insecure thing to do. On the other hand, I guess it means he (or one of his twittering minions) actually reads your blog, Jack.

Jack, your quest to have Ted "tell us all what that conflict is" is one of your best, succinct statements.

That is what is wrong with Oregon pols top to bottom. You cite numerous pol statements, then you state the obvious; "What?" If Ted wants a legacy, which he doesn't have, it would be to answer your question.

Kroger is starting to look dirty. First he covers the creep's a*s and then this. Perception is everything. If he is as smart as he thinks he is he would not wait for blowback when he makes his run for Governor

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