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Thursday, January 6, 2011

It was "for the children"

Apparently the holidays got in the way of our catching wind of this story. The indictment was handed up in mid-December. Meanwhile, the Portland operation in question is still alive.

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How dare these people trade with Iran without Halliburton getting a cut! Off with their heads! Or let Dick The Undead Cheney feed on the bLood of their children, as is his right, thanks to the Pact he signed with LucAdvo's client

Check out the photo at the bottom of the website front page..a bunch of little first-grader girls in hijabs. Sick.

If I could hack in to that website, I would splash a big warning at the top.

"Your money might end up in the pockets of clerics who believe in sharia, which allows parents to kill their offspring with impunity."

Child foundation, indeed. More like a suicide bomber recruiter foundation.

Yeah those headscarves make me wanna puke.

Now, now, George, my client has standards, even if the general riff-raff, misunderstands them. My client only deals with humans not zombies like Cheney. ;-)

Just to be clearer. Zombies like Cheney have no soul so there is nothing for my client to bargain for.

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