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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Howler of the Week

"There's no way I'm going to pursue something to waste money." -- the mayor of Portland

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That's right, Sammy. You tell 'em. No need to bother to go to all the trouble of pursuing (unless it's a boy toy), when you can just pile the public's funds up at your arse and let it just scatter on the winds, or into the Goldschmidt machine's voracious vacuum suckers.

Speaking of wasting money, so Sam when are you terminating your squad of tweeters?

Maybe he finally learned after the Sauvie Island Bridge, bioswales, OHSU tram, CRC, etc.

The New and Improved, Fiscally Conservative Sammy!

He's the decider:

"'I'm the one that raised the issue,' Adams said. 'I'm deciding whether or not it's meeting my definition of being streetcar-ready.'"

Meanwhile, for new arrivals and those who cannot recall the OHSU tram guesstimates:

"...the new budget doesn't include an estimated $5 million for streetcar tracks on the bridge, nor the estimated $6 million to $8 million county spokesman Mike Pullen said would be needed to build a streetcar ramp from Oregon 43 to the bridge.

Pullen noted that actually building a streetcar line across the bridge would carry costs for wires and other components beyond that $11 million to $13 million. 'To do full disclosure, it would be even more than that,' he said."

Perhaps Mr Pullen will provide greater transparency in the very near future:

"The Multnomah County Board of Commissioners will meet Thursday to approve a design."

"Howler of the Week"

Only surpassed by "I did not have sex with Beau"

This guy's a sociopath, why would anyone believe anything he says?

"building a streetcar line across the bridge"

What I don't get is he is getting a non-car streetcar bridge 1/2 mile away and he still wants this.

Another "Teachable Moment." Brought to you by our glorious and benevolent leader, comrade Sam.

You see, Sam makes statements like these just to keep us sharp. He's helping us reach a higher level of understanding about what NOT to do. Like his campaign lies and character assassinations, his illicit affair, his traffic accident ("Ooooooo! The sun was in my eyes, and I forgot which pedal was the brake while grabbing my stick shift!") And now, his bold proclamations that he would never waste money.

"Thank you, Sam." (Hmmm. There's a bumper sticker sticker)

"I'M the one that raised the issue," Adams said. "I'M deciding whether or not it's meeting MY definition of being streetcar-ready. And I'M incredibly pleased with the outcome..."

After the bridge's years of so-called public input (which I've sometimes participated in), the comments in the attached O article is fascinating. There are several comments that repeat many of comments from the public that have been heard for years, but largely ignored.

The most commonsensical is about the bridge's deck width of 65 ft with 24 ft for two lanes of vehicles, 24 ft for pedestrians, and 17 ft for bikes. That is 60% more width given to bikes/peds than cars.

If "I'm" Sam is interested in not "wasting money" why doesn't he support the logical figuration of 36 ft for three traffic lanes with reversed directions in the center lane for opposite rush hours? Then 24 ft for bikes/peds with 12 ft on each side for both, just like the typical existing city shared bike/ped lanes. On the Steel Bridge it is even less, 9 ft between bridge trusses to the wateredge handrail-and that serves both directions of traffic.

If in the distant future a trolley makes sense and funding every comes about, then the center vehicle lane could be used.

All this then makes for a 60 ft wide bridge deck vs. the 65 ft. That is about a 10% reduction in bridge configuration which minimally could equate to an additional $30 Million dollar cost reduction while adding vehicle capacity and some future flexibility.

For "I'm Sam" to continue thinking that the trolley is a near future reality is wrong. There's a lot of opposition building on several aspects of the proposed trolley to LO which is a major component to the Sellwood Bridge trolley and it's loop through Sellwood.

The Clackamas Co. petition to require voting on urban renewal, which a major matching fund source could easily stop the LO line.

There is a strong contingent of LO citizens formed opposing the trolley.

The recently disguised mention of a LID (local improvement district) from SoWhat to Sellwood Bridge to help pay for the trolley is getting opposition. It's an area from the Willamette River extending to the west past SW Macadam and four to five blocks into the Johns Landing neighborhood-incorporating a lot of commercial, condos and many single family homes. How would you like to pay another $300 dollars in LID property taxes living in your modest/home and using the trolley maybe three times a year?

And, of course, the proposed alignment of the trolley in the existing SW Macadam in the Johns Landing area causing major congestion has many having second thoughts; as well as the higher density that trolleys bring-both in Johns Landing and LO Foothills.

Think we need to keep an eye on any mention of a LID from Sam. Didn't he try this a few years ago and want an entire area of a SW neighborhood to pay on a LID? Next thing you know the entire Metro area will be put on a lid for streetcars, etc. Simply cannot trust this bunch.

I am having a difficult time not thinking of Dr Seuss when ever "Sam I am" Adams speaks these days.
Green eggs and ham anyone?

Damn it, LW, stop trying to insert logic and common sense. This is a public works, project, for Christ's sake!

One of the city's recent lid attempts involved my neighborhood and surrounding areas. While the city was dumping money into the tram and SoWat, the tried to dupe this area into paying for a LID to install sidewalks. And the vote on the LID failed, prompting the planners and powers to be to try to have the neighborhood associations re-educate the voters who voted it down.

The city shoved unwanted changes/improvements to Gabriel Park down the throats of this part of SW in the 90s. And those of us who have been here for long enough have not forgotten how the city does not listen to residents.

So, here's my question, that as a long time resident I ponder everyday...

What is it going to take to stop these egomaniacal a**-clowns? And if they can't be stopped, does that mean I'm supposed to either shut up and do as I'm told or get out of Dodge?

Someone on this post likened what's happening to our city as a silk purse being turned into a sow's ear. What's even more amazing is how many new residents seem to prefer the sow's ear.


I had never heard about the reversible 3rd lane idea. It makes so much sense, there's no way Tram-Boy would ever support it. Thousands of construction worker votes could be lost with these kind of money saving strategies.

I wanted to add I thought the reversible lane idea was brilliant also. It's certainly been done before, e.g, Seattle, and it leaves open the option of rails in the future.

LucsAdvo -

Was that the risable "HALO - LID" proposal over by Bridlemile School on Hamilto, or the simialarly named halo - lid in Vermont?

There was another HALO LID propopsed on 35th between Sfephenson and Arnold that came , at more than $900,000 in estimated costs for 700 0r so feet of sidewalk on one side of 35th, which went , essentially, from no where to no where. It, too got r so forvefully rejected by those of us living there that the City never went on to conduct the official poll.

He may be a creepy, pedo, no nothing, gay mayor, but he is OUR creepy, pedo, no nothing, gay mayor. Keep it weird.

Nonny - I am referring to the Vermont HALO LID. (LID standing for Let's Inflict Debt)

On my block, streetlights were put in place by a LID 30 years ago, that still shows up on my property taxes every year. I cannot quite fathom how that is possible but with this city and county anything goes. I thought LIDs were time limited.

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