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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hell to the Chief

An alert reader sends this photo, taken out in front of a Salem business prominently located on Portland Road right off the freeway:

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I guess Stuart is peeved that new Guv isn't planning to move to Salem?

That's about right.


I hope you aren't guessing that's his only beef.

Portland: the best government Public Employees money can buy.

That's the way of Oregon politics - win 4 counties and you win statewide.

"That's the way of Oregon politics - win 4 counties and you win statewide."

Democracy is a bitch...

Yeah...It's about right.

At least we don't have the Governor of Vancouver.

With the vote by mail system we don't know how many counties were really won nor whether we really have a democracy. That's the bitch.

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