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Friday, January 28, 2011

Have a great weekend

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I have loved this guy since high school when I first heard "Bird on the Wire" and "Suzanne"; and "The Stranger' that was a theme song for "McCabe and Mrs.Miller".

Did anyone see him when he came to Portland recently?

One of the all-time great songwriters. Hallelujah, indeed!

My wife and I went to the Portland show at the Rose Garden "Theater in the Clouds" configuration. She'd been a fan since college. I went to make her happy. After the third song or so, I realized it was one of the most magnificent concerts I had ever been to.

His older, duskier voice was harder for my date to conform to since she was used to the younger Cohen, but I thought it was fantastic. Deep, low, but spot on key and powerful. And fun. LC had a blast on the stage and whether he exited after a set or when some of the musicians were highlighted, he literally dance/skipped off the stage.

His musicians and singers were phenomenal, and each had a chance to showcase their talents. Even a drum solo! (A what?) And Mr. Cohen was constantly referring to the talents of his fellow musicians on stage. The most gracious and loving display I have ever witnessed from a frontman, not only for his band, for all of us in attendance. It may sound corny, but the man came across as genuinely at peace and harmony with who he is and what he does.

And the sound was pristine. The mix masterful. Not a singe subtle note or word were obscured. Really the first time I ever "listened to the words." Wow. And I think most of the classics were covered along with the new material. And three (3) encores!!! Later he commented to some publication how generous the Portland audience was to him...

Well, I am now a fan, obviously. And I hope he is able to recoup his monetary losses due to embezzlement. But he seems to be having a lot of fun trying.

Agreed, PDXLifer - certainly in the top 10, maybe 5 all time of all the concerts I've been to. I picked up a last-minute ticket right next to the sound booth, in the middle just opposite the stage. By far the best ever sound I've heard in the Theatre of the Clouds configuration. And Mr. Cohen's energy, grace and warmth were phenomenal. We were very lucky in Portland to get to experience him.

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