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Friday, January 21, 2011

Have a great weekend

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Cyndi Lauper can make a claim very few musicians can top: She co-wrote a song that was covered by Miles Davis - "Time After Time".

I lost a bet on this ... I said Jack would post a clip of Steely Dan doing Dr. Wu from Katy Lied ... "are you with me Dr.Wu, or are you really just a shadow of the man that I once knew? ...."

Biscayne Bay, where the Cuban gentlemen dream all day...

Cuban expats dreaming of Cuba Libre ... Taiwanese Expats dreaming of the return ... Same same. ... Looked up the lyrics, they could have written that about our local Wu.

Not to mention a truly top.notch sound. One of their best albums, and maYbe the best song on it. Never gets old.

Everyone's really on the ball here. Nice.

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