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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Handouts to slumlords

It's for the children.

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6% of Portland housing units reported problems with rats, mice, or other rodents.

Have they checked City Hall?

The population of low-income households and families of color in East Portland has grown substantially in the target area due to gentrification in other areas of the city. The city can thank the Max line for this. I have to wonder how much it costs these people who found that they had to move?

Do we have any names?


That'll barely hire 4 of Sam's staffs cousins.

Come to think of it, wouldn't it be swell if a retired person would see fit to visit the County Clerk, learn the names of the many slumlords who make huge profits from charging the criminal element inflated rents and then Blog them for all to see?

A little peer pressure perhaps!

As long as it remains easy for the criminals to find housing they will never change their behavior.

Geez, I wonder why the citizens of Milwaukee and Clackamas fear an extension of lightrail and mixed use housing to their neighborhoods. Can't imagine why they should be exercising some civil disobedience - public dissension found objectionable only by the former Metro flunkee and city of Portland lap dog, Chair Lynn Peterson.

Public testimony is effectively just an after thought in this town and Metro area. The fix has been in since the days of Goldschimdt as Mayor.

Ahhh, Rockwood. What landlord wouldn't love to own an apartment complex there! When criminals are your main tenant pool and no decent tenant will willingly rent in the area, what's a landlord to do?

There are forgotten pockets and mean streets in Portland where it just doesn't pay to be a landlord. Property owners are not making piles of money being slumlords. Try fixing things up and see how long it lasts. Try enforcing rules and see how well that works! Try renting to people without a criminal background and see how many units you can fill.

Ahhh, Rockwood. A bad memory, but a good education.

Hmmm, I didn't read anything that said the money goes to slumlords. I know in the past the Lead Hazard funds mostly went to low-income homeowners.

Most people who live in old homes (regardless of their socioeconomic status) have no idea about the hazard of lead paint for kids. They go about their merry way doing DIY home improvements projects, scraping and sanding while their kids ingest toxins.

It is a good program. Instead of knocking it, you should try and get the word out to your hipster southeast portland neighbors.

The article makes clear that the money is going for 175 rental units.

I don't live in southeast.

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