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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Governor Ted wants independent counsel in Cylviagate

Our outgoing governor reportedly thinks that Attorney General John Kroger's office has a "perceived conflict of interest" in the investigation into state Energy Department contract work that was given to ex-Governor John Kitzhaber's girlfriend, Cylvia Hayes. At this point, it's apparently only a civil matter involving the personnel status of the state employees involved in the deal -- Kroger has declined to prosecute anyone -- but Governor Ted thinks an outside look is needed. In a letter to Kroger, he writes:

Given the circumstances of the case that have been shared with my office, I believe that an independent and expeditious review of the records developed by DOJ investigators and any other relevant information is now warranted.... I believe that the public interest would be served best by an independent review that will not be disrupted by the transition to a new administration.
Ted sure does have a way with words, doesn't he?
I believe that if DOJ were to conduct such a personnel review, it would tend to create a perceived conflict of interest. Therefore, I believe that it is in the best interest of the public to proceed with an independent review led by a special counsel.
Ted may have to camp out on Kroger's lawn the next couple of nights to get what he's asking for, however. Governor Kitzhaber gets sworn in -- again -- on Monday, and Kroger will no doubt be front and center to pat him on the back. At which point, Ted will be out of work until the Network decides where to park him.

Comments (5)

There is always room for Sleepy Ted in an Arizona desert. Perhaps an RV park east of Tucson. Think of the show-and-tell he could put on in the bingo-hall/clubhouse.

Fascinating - We knew about this before the election and after. So now Ted decides 1 week before leaving to bring it up.

Neil's letting him have a little leash!

I wonder what other tricks Neil's gonna teach Kitz and his staff.

Why is it that every time I read something about Oregon government, I want to take a shower? Except that might be Sam behind me, looking for a new bike lane.

Between Gov. Retread, his chair-warming, empty suit predecessor, and those two characters pictured on the BoJack press release meter, I can't help but think we are living in the slime of a thousand years.

And just when you get your mind off these criminals, up pops the Sam-Randy crowd, compulsive plunderers of the public treasury.

One has to think that someday we'll escape this sewer and get something other than narcissistic, self-serving cretins as public officials, worshipped by media acolytes, but when/if that will ever happen is an open question.

This is truly a dark age in this state.

I suspect this is more because of Ted's hate of Kroger... because Kroger was the union proxy that took out Macpherson.

Hard to buy that last, because Ted so often took huge falls for state Unions, especially SEIU, who didnt mind if the strings to Ted's arms and legs were visible for all to see. I am as strong a pro- union guy as they come and even I have had real problems with the way Ted not only gave away the store to SEIU but positively hurt regular folks in the process, allOwing SEIU to get its hooks in people who wanted nothing to do with it and bleed them foR dues from now to eternity, while proViding no, and I mean none, benefit to the newly "organized" members (by force).

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