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Monday, January 17, 2011

Governor Ted sprang some bad guys

We wondered if there would be some last-minute pardons by Oregon's outgoing chief executive. There were, to go along with several others over the course of his governorship. The complete list of 15 "clemency" grants in his last two years in office is here.

No, Neil Goldschmidt and Portland's several killer cops aren't on the list. You can't There's no need to pardon somebody who was never prosecuted for anything to begin with.

Comments (4)

You can't pardon somebody who was never prosecuted for anything to begin with.

What about this?

You know -- you're right. I should have said "there's no need to pardon" somebody who wasn't prosecuted!

I noticed the number of controlled substance cases on the list.

Meanwhile the folks in the legislature will be toasting each other left and right. Pop a top again!

Sad. But these pardons pale to the ones Huckabee made during his gubernatorial tenure. Three individuals pardoned by Huckabee ended up killing again. It would be sad if Huckabee ever got the GOP nomination. Yuck to this smoke and mirrors guy.

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