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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Glimpse of the future

After less than a decade standing, a Seattle high-rise condo bunker is being torn down.

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Sort of the local version of a 'khrushchevka'. P-town can't seem to prop up enough of them.

Salem has Courthouse Square, the government office building and transit mall, that will probably end up being demolished thanks to faulty concrete work.

Who wants to place bets on when Portland will have its first condo bunker scheduled for demolition?

Probably the one in SoWhat that's leaning.

Built on silt.

Is it true that one of the buildings in SoWhat is leaning and possibly facing the same fate as this building on Seattle? A year or two ago I was hearing about it all the time but hadn't heard anything more until just the other day. Would be pretty funny if that happened, though Mayor Creepy would probably bail out the developers.

Silt and former shipyard and who knows what else historical industrial. I wondered if any of it is contaminated.

If, like me, you have no real life, you sometimes spend part of a Sunday hitting some open houses to see interesting homes. Some of the newer condos I've walked through were so shoddily constructed, I couldn't believe it. Within a very few years, I think we'll be hearing many more stories such as this, if not about the structure of the entire building, then at least about relatively new buildings falling apart on the inside.

Who wants to place bets on when Portland will have its first condo bunker scheduled for demolition?

Here's where I would put my money.

This clique that has designed us into this dead end is as hypocritical as it is shallow. None of them live in these Cabrini Greens for childless yuppies. There are two hands worth of fingers for cities that had already tried these vertical ghettos and found them social disasters. Organic development has a self-healing quality that is completely missing from these driven-by-concept failures. They only earn their constant self-congratulation by ignoring costs pushed out of their boundaries onto the rest of the city.

But, one can get over ugliness, etc. The karma that I hope comes back to roost on the perpetrators of these Cabrini Greens for rich people is the impoverishment of the school system, parks and infrastructure systems for the sake of these massive diversions of public capital to private profit. Even in the best case, we've probably got another two generations of Portland kids who'll be lost to sub-standard education and/or dropping out. The perpetrators of all this -- their children won't be among the victims.

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