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Monday, January 3, 2011

Getting better all the time

With police shootings and gang violence spreading like wildfire, here's an important issue occupying the mayor.

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The mayor with kaleidoscope eyes...

Just another empty, lame gesture, further stalling any constructive solution to what really needs to be done to the MC to make it a viable public event venue. And it follows the same "study-it-some-more" BS that prevails around the larger, future Rose Quarter development discussions with the Blazers.

As I say, "nothing's happening very gradually." Portland leadership at its most mediocre. Pathetic.

I am so thankful this new year that Creepy is at the mid point in his office. His policies, his persona and lack of substance continue to drag our city down and do nothing to inspire.

I thought the Oregonian front page M headline and picture was priceless. The picture caption was hidden in the fold and who was that crazy guy with a knife?

All Glory to the Hypnotoa...er, Mayor. Yeah, Mayor. That what I intended....

It is nice to see that Mayor Cr@ppy has put one of his highly skilled sustainability advisers on such a valuable task. Even better that it is Amy Ruiz, she of the skimpy resume, and beneficiary of Sam's political patronage in exchange for hushing the Breedlove thing.

Priceless political tragicomedy. It would be better if the city wasn't suffering so much at their hands, naturally.

BTW, Blazer announcer Bill Schonely always called it "Veterans Memorial Coliseum" at the start of every game, didn't he? That's far more important than what the City Council calls it.

^ ^

Amen that. I thought "Veterans Memorial Coliseum" was already its proper name.

teresa: . . His policies, his persona and lack of substance continue to drag our city down and do nothing to inspire.

In my opinion, he is more interested in staying in office and in running for the next election, than he is in running our city in a rational, financially healthy manner.

Wonder how much of our taxpaying money has been and will be spent to propagandize whatever he can to get support for his re election?

Let's call it a big hole in the ground.

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